‘Alaskan Bush People’ Updates: Ami Brown Refuses To See Estranged Family, Fans Angry At Billy’s Comments?

The final season of Alaskan Bush People is certainly going out with a bang, as new of Ami’s cancer continues to spread to counteract the comments about the show being “fake.” But there’s more to these stories than meets the eye: yesterday, it was reported that Ami Brown’s estranged family, who hasn’t seen her in years, is determined to see her again now that she’s suffering from cancer. Today, however, it’s been reported that Ami has found out about her family’s attempts to see her, and she’s refused to honor their requests.

That’s the word according to The Hollywood Gossip, who suggest that the Alaskan Bush People matriarch isn’t interested in reconciling with her estranged family, even though they would like nothing more than to make amends with her.

Her family says that Ami’s decision to not reconcile with them is Billy’s fault, not hers.

“Ami last saw her brother and mother a few months after she married Billy at the age of 15. “We have sent so many letters over the years and Billy destroyed them,” Les says, adding, “Billy has kept her from us for 38 years and he is to blame. It has never been Ami’s choice. Billy has been controlling her since she left us!”

Meanwhile, according to The Christian Post, the fans of Alaskan Bush People are extremely upset at Billy Brown because of his remarks about leaving, even though Ami is in the throes of Stage 4 cancer (Stage 4, according to doctors, is the second-most serious form of cancer, and without aggressive treatment, it’s not likely that Ami will live much longer).

While most of the Brown family has moved to California to be with Ami as she undergoes cancer treatments, Billy Brown has expressed his disdain for closing Browntown. And, it seems, he’s more concerned about his life in the Alaskan bush than he is about his wife, according to some fans.

“‘I don’t know how I’m going to live without it,’ he said. His wife took these words personally as she realized that the family’s situation solely depended on her condition. Some called him “selfish” for making the situation more about him instead of his wife who is battling cancer. Still others who cannot contain their anger called the old man a ‘jerk’ for trying to make himself look like the real victim.”

However, there seems to be some good news coming out of the Alaskan Bush People camp: according to Monsters and Critics, a “lost episode” will be airing as the Brown family — and the show’s fans — await Ami’s diagnosis.

The synopsis of the episode is below.

“As the Brown family awaits Ami’s treatment options, this lost episode shows the wolfpack’s ability to endure hardships in every environment. Adrift on the shores of the Alaskan wilderness, the wolfpack rediscovers their need for adventure.”

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