‘BB19’ Battle Back Is Set For Friday As Superfans Get Ready For A Special Fourth Episode This Week

BB 19 is doing a repeat of last season’s Battle Back for an evicted houseguest. It seems the term “evicted” means “back to sequester” for the cast that didn’t make it far in the game. Fans will have the opportunity it see it all this week. Are you ready?

Julie Chen met Cody Nickson last Thursday after he was evicted from the Big Brother house. He was the first to hear the news in the on-air exit interview, that he would have the opportunity to participate in a Battle Back for a chance to re-enter the game and compete for the $500,000 grand prize.

When superfan Cameron Heard was evicted after only 12 hours in the house, fans looked for him on social media. An early eviction is always hard because it takes so much just to be given the opportunity to join the BB19 cast. Him, being a self-proclaimed superfan, made it even worse. He really hadn’t had the opportunity to do anything yet – no strategizing, no alliances, and no big moves. When no posts or tweets showed up from Cameron, fans began to speculate what was coming.

Jillian Parker was the next to go. The way she left and her exit interviews made her a little less appealing to fans of BB19. She was negative about the experience of having been in the Big Brother house and the ones still in the game. Those feelings were noticed by live feed viewers while she was in the house as well.

BB 19 fans know that as it sits right now, Dominque Cooper is the target for the live eviction on Thursday night. Of course, that could change as things often do in the Big Brother house, but it would take a shake up to save her.

Julie told fans that the BB19 houseguests would have the opportunity to stop the winner of the Battle Back from re-entering the house. With no other clues, we have to speculate how this twist may work. According to Big Brother Network, this may be why the voting for the Den of Temptation has been extended until next week. The Halting Hex could be the key to keeping the winner out.


The Battle Back competition will air this Friday night on CBS at 7:00 PM Central time. With voting for the Den of Temptation ending on Wednesday, July 25 could BB19 fans be left with a cliffhanger? That would be a new twist as competitions are usually quickly rewarded in the history of the game.


What do you think of the Battle Back for BB19? Do you believe, as game alums, that Cody has the best chance of winning his way back in? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by NBC]