Amy Roloff Emotional As Daughter Molly Set To Marry, Tori Gushes Over ‘New Favorite Hobby’

Amy Roloff, the Little People, Big World matriarch, is feeling all kinds of love as her beloved daughter Molly Jo will get married in less than a month.

Molly will finally say her “I Do’s” in about 20 days, and Amy is both delighted and in disbelief. It is quite sensible that Amy is having mixed emotions with Molly’s upcoming nuptials. Molly happens to be the only girl among Amy and former husband Matt’s four children, so the bond between mother and daughter is understandably stronger. Molly also shares the same birthday with her mother, Amy. Both Roloff women were born on September 17.

Despite the roller coaster of emotions, Amy was game when it came to dancing with her daughter, Molly, and some of their friends. A short video clip below shows Amy breaking some moves on the dance floor along with Molly. The video also features some snippets from the bridal shower.

Molly hasn’t been seen much on the hit reality TV show from TLC. Her upcoming wedding is a wonderful way to re-introduce herself to the fans of Little People, Big World. Molly spent her time away from the spotlight in Spokane, Washington. Molly studied Spanish and Accounting in college while making sporadic appearances in the show. It was also in Spokane where she met the lucky man who’ll get to spend the rest of his life with the on-and-off reality star. Joel Silvius and Molly met while both were still studying at Whitworth University. According to InTouch, Silvius popped the question last December and the two are planning to settle in Spokane.

Molly, who Amy affectionately calls “my baby girl,” spent the recent weekend with the Roloff family and a number of friends to celebrate her impending wedding. The Roloffs held a Pinterest-worthy bridal shower, as InTouch described the event.

Of course, there were a lot of pictures taken during Molly’s bridal shower.

Tori, Zach’s wife and doting mother to the adorable Jackson, shared a photo of her with Molly and a bunch of their closest female friends. The group spent some time out and about to celebrate Molly’s last days of singlehood. Tori expressed how much fun she had “celebrating the future Mrs. Silvius.” She also said that it was an honor to spend the day with Molly and the rest of the ladies. Tori also found her “new favorite hobby”: wine tasting.

Interestingly, Audrey, Jeremy’s wife, who’s expecting a baby, is not present in the Instagram post. Some fans questioned the closeness between Molly and her two sisters-in-law, asking if she’s closer to Tori than Audrey. Others, meanwhile, speculated that Audrey’s pregnancy is the main reason why she couldn’t go with Molly and the rest of the girls as they enjoyed some wine.

Audrey also posted a snap of herself with the bride-to-be and the other Roloff women, including Amy and Tori, along with Jacob’s girlfriend, Isabel Rock.

Molly and Joel will exchange vows on August 5. According to the Hollywood Gossip, the couple decided to go with Bed, Bath and Beyond, along with Crate & Barrel for their bridal registry.

[Featured Image by Amy Rollof/Instagram]