DJ Diplo Requests A Talking Parrot, Gorilla And A Malawi Orphan On His Rider

The American DJ, Diplo, has reportedly asked a rider to be sent to a Manhattan venue with a series of bizarre requests on it, which include a gorilla, Malawi orphan, a parrot trained to say his name and inflatable animals.

The Philadelphia-based DJ, producer, rapper and record label head sent over this extremely creative list of demands before his show at Pier 94 on December 30, where he will play alongside Afrojack and Pacha.

The gorilla he requested also came with the note of, ‘Silverback is preferred, an orangutan is also acceptable.’ Diplo also asked for one arranged marriage, one dart board, ‘with Nicholas Cage’s face on it,’ one violin player, ‘to play while we eat our cheese plate,’ two inflatable animals, ‘bonus points for endangered or extinct species,’ the third season of Lost, ‘on VHS tapes,’ as well as a ‘1983 Yak Face Star Wars: Return of the Jedi‘ action figure that is ‘new in package.’

Earlier this year, Axl Rose asked for a ‘square melon’ on is Guns N’ Roses rider, whilst Eminem has previously requested, for his appearance at Tennent’s Vital festival in Northern Ireland, a specially built wooden pond to house an expensive koi carp.

Diplo, who has worked with several notable pop artists, such as Beyonce, No Doubt and Usher, is set to feature on a new four-track EP from Katy B, but is mostly associated which M.I.A’s Grammy nominated track, “Paper Planes.”

What bizarre requests would you make on your rider? What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever heard a rock-star ask for?