Cleveland Cavs Rumors: LeBron James To Spurs Over Lakers Makes Most Sense, NBA Analyst Says

When it comes to NBA rumors involving Cavs star LeBron James, there are a lot of people with the belief he'll end up joining the Lakers, but another team may be better. At least one NBA analyst is saying the move that makes the most sense for LeBron is to take his talents to San Antonio and join up with coach Gregg Popovich and the Spurs. Here's the latest on the reasoning behind this speculation for LeBron, as well as the reasons he may ultimately choose the Los Angeles Lakers as his next team instead.

On a recent episode of The Herd with Colin Cowherd, NBA analyst Chris Broussard stopped by the show to discuss various basketball topics, including players switching teams. Broussard and Cowherd talked about how common it has become for NBA players to leave longtime teams for new ones, to the point it is no longer shocking when it happens. When the topic of LeBron James going to the L.A. Lakers was brought up by Cowherd, Broussard said that several players he has spoken to believe LeBron will leave for the Lakers. However, Broussard said that if the goal is to go somewhere else and win a championship, he believes the best move for LeBron is to join the San Antonio Spurs under coach Gregg Popovich.

LeBron James next team Spurs or Lakers
Will LeBron James' next team be the Spurs or Lakers? [Image by Getty Images]

Broussard mentioned that Popovich has been able to utilize players to their best potential that weren't panning out elsewhere. Examples that were given included Duane Dedmon and Patty Mills, who have both done well under Pop's system. In addition, it was noted that Gregg Popovich has given LeBron James more trouble than any other coach during his career. The Spurs swept LeBron in his first trip to the NBA Finals with the Cavs, and also defeated LeBron and his Miami Heat team in the Finals years later.

While rumors of LeBron joining the Spurs would probably get San Antonio fans giddy about winning several more Larry O'Brien trophies, the move to the Lakers still make more sense from a career perspective. It's been noted that James would want to be a part of Los Angeles because he'd have more opportunities for his brand in the city. Also, by leaving the Cavaliers, the value of the team will eventually go down without LeBron on it. If James wants to buy the Cavs after his playing days are over, it makes sense he'd want to be a team with a lower price tag.

LeBron James could become next Lakers great after Kobe Bryant
LeBron James could fill the Los Angeles Lakers' superstar void left by Kobe Bryant. [Image by Getty Images]

The other reasons for LeBron to join the Lakers are, of course, the Lakers' legend, Magic Johnson, and their newest phenom, Lonzo Ball. James was in attendance for a recent NBA Summer League game involving Lonzo Ball and the Lakers vs. the Sixers. "King James" could help mentor the league's next big star and learn from one of the brightest business minds involved in the NBA today. If LeBron wants to move from playing on the court to making big moves in business, Magic Johnson is probably one of the best former NBA stars he could receive guidance from, outside of Michael Jordan.

So while Chris Broussard is right that it would make sense for LeBron to join San Antonio in pursuit of more titles, the overall career play is probably for James to don the purple and gold in favor of his post-basketball career.

[Featured Image by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]