Man With No Face And One-Legged Wife Have Healthy Baby

An Indian man with no face and his one-legged wife have given birth to a healthy baby. The father, Mohammad Latif Khatana, feared his newborn daughter might inherit his shocking genetic condition. As soon as baby Ulfat — meaning “love” in the Urdu language — was born, the new father checked her over, but so far she has no health conditions.

News of Khatana’s wife’s pregnancy came as bittersweet to the “man with no face.” The Indian man suffers from a rare skin disorder, neurofibromatosis, which causes flap-like skin growths all over his head. According to the NY Daily News, he wanted to have them surgically removed, but the number of veins running through the skin flaps made surgery dangerous.

Khatana’s wife, Salima, also suffers from a rare birth defect. She was born with one foot, but this disability led to love as the two bonded over their shared burdens. They eventually wed in August of 2008.

Both wanted to have children, but they feared their disabilities may carry over to the next generation. Their disabilities are a large burden on their families. Khatana’s skin flaps cause problems with his eyesight, meaning he cannot hold a job. Thus, he is reduced to begging for money, and each year he spends several months away from family in Kashmir’s capital city, Srinagar.

What’s worse, the problem is a genetic disorder that affects his immune system, and so Khatana feared the worse. To this day, the pain of his malady affects his family:

“My mother still cries when she looks at me. She feels so much guilt and cannot understand why her youngest boy was cursed.”

So Khatana was ecstatic when this seeming cursed was lifted, with the new father telling The Sun he was overjoyed to find their little girl was healthy and unmarked:

“I was extremely worried about my baby’s facial features. When I saw that she was pretty and fine, it was a great relief. She has a beautiful face, just like an angel. I want to forget about my past life. Being a father is a new chapter in a man’s life and I am embracing every second of it. I will enjoy it and I’ll now be a lot more worried about her than myself. I don’t care so much about me anymore.”

The mother tells The Sun she has is happy to have her husband in her life despite his physical disabilities:

“No matter what Latif looks like, I love being married to him. I don’t regret one day as his wife. I like him just the way he is. His face is Allah’s wish, we can’t do much with it so we accept it and live our lives. But thankfully it was not the same wish for our daughter. Our prayers were answered and our baby is fine. We refuse to waste another minute worrying about it now. We will live our lives, happily.”

As we consider the man with no face hopefully we can all be happy and thankful for the blessings that we have in our own lives.