Amber Rose Reportedly Feuding WIth Chyna Over Kardashian Drama: No Longer Best Friends?

Amber Rose is said to be feuding with Blac Chyna over her ongoing feud with Rob Kardashian and his family, it's been reported.

According to Hollywood Life, the socialite isn't happy with how the former stripper has treated Rob in the drama she's found herself in as of late.

Sources claim that Amber was far from impressed with some of the things that Rob revealed about Chyna because she never expected the mother-of-two to behave that way toward the man she said she loved with all her heart.

It was claimed at the time that Chyna had plans to reconcile with Rob, but when things would turn sour between the two and an argument erupted, she would allegedly cheat on him and send him videos kissing other guys.

On top of that, Rob claims that Blac was spoiled with hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts and still treated him like he was nothing to her.

Amber Rose certainly wasn't happy to hear that.

Insiders say that Amber Rose's friendship with Chyna has really cooled off in recent days, particularly now that Blac is also expected to attend a nightclub party on July 17.

The nightclub, which is called Ace of Diamonds, is the same company that filed a lawsuit against Amber Rose for allegedly trying to steal their business and their name.

Rose would surely feel some type of way about Blac Chyna hosting a party at a nightclub that her pal has had problems with in the past — particularly when a lawsuit is involved.

Hollywood Life added that the two are not as close as they once were and it's all said to be because of the situation with Rob. Amber Rose thinks Chyna handled the matter in a really poor way.

While Amber Rose is no fan of the Kardashians, sources say that she will stand up for what is right, and in this situation, it looks as if Amber is siding with Rob.

With the news that Rose and Chyna are no longer close friends, it will be interesting to see who Blac will befriend next now that the Kardashians are no longer speaking to her either.

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