Brandon Marshall 'Purposely Dumped Coffee On Us' When He Walked Off Interview, Kirk Minihane Claims

When outspoken NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall "dropped the mic" and abruptly ended an interview Thursday morning with Kirk Minihane and Gerry Callahan, co-hosts of Kirk & Callahan on Boston sports radio station WEEI, he also intentionally dumped a dumped a cup of coffee on the equipment desk.

That is the contention of Kirk Minihane and rotating third man in Mike Mutnansky, who was also present when Marshall stormed off the set.

The brief encounter with the New York Giants star which made national headlines took place at the Johnny Damon charity golf tournament at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut.

According to the most recent ratings book, Kirk & Callahan, which airs from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. Monday through Friday, is the No. 1 radio show in the Boston media market.

Earlier this year, the six-time NFL Pro Bowler left the New York Jets and signed a two-year, $12 million contract with the New York Giants. The Chicago Bears traded Marshall to the Jets in 2015, where he became the team's MVP that year with his franchise record-setting 109 catches and 1,502 receiving yards. In 2016, his performance dropped off, with just 59 catches for 788 receiving yards, along with three touchdowns, while playing in 15 games.

The Denver Broncos selected Brandon Marshall in the fourth round of the 2006 NFL draft out of the University of Central Florida. The Broncos traded him to the Miami Dolphins in April 2010, and he was subsequently traded to the Bears in March 2012.

As a member of the Giants, Marshall will team up with Odell Beckham Jr., another high-profile and sometimes controversial NFL wide receiver.

During the Thursday conversation which was also streamed on Facebook Live, things got a little testy when the hosts asked Marshall about his September 2015 comments at the height of Deflategate and the Tom Brady suspension that seemed to suggest that white players, particularly quarterbacks, are subject to different disciplinary standards than black players, as ESPN reported at the time.

Marshall remarked that he wasn't playing the race card or interested in discussing what he considered old news, insisting that that hosts change the subject.

"I'm not getting into the race card with you guys. So, if that's what you want, you guys want to do you can go there, but black guys in America get treated differently period, so I'll just say guys in America get treated differently."
Marshall continued to register disapproval with that subject matter, while also asserting that he has a "man-crush" on Tom Brady and has admiration for assistant coach Josh McDaniels (previously the Broncos head coach) and respect for the New England Patriots' winning culture.
"I'm done with you guys…you guys made news…you got Brandon Marshall to say that black guys get treated differently. I'm going to drop the mic on you guys…"
The NFL vet then headed for the exit when Minihane seemingly alluded to Marshall's history of domestic violence, in the process spilling a cup of coffee on the hosts' desk.

During the following morning's WEEI broadcast without Callahan who took the day off, Kirk Minihane concluded that after watching the video several times, the coffee dumping was done on purpose.

"Being there, when he got up, I could feel…this guy is going to throw coffee on my face, which would have been unbelievable, a great moment. And I could feel him thinking about, and I think he just did the 'ah screw it, I'll jump dump it all over the table'…he threw it on the table on purpose..."
Mutnansky expressed surprise that an NFL wide receiver couldn't pick up a mere coffee cup, but added that he never got the sense that Marshall wanted to throw the cup at anyone.
"He switches hands, coffee up left hand, has no reason to go back to the right other than purposely flip it over, dump it on the computer. He absolutely, positively, purposely dumped that coffee….he took his right hand and snapped the top of the coffee cup to make sure it fell over."
Watch the full Brandon Marshall interview on the WEEI Kirk & Callahan show below and draw your conclusions as to whether he dumped the cup of coffee intentionally or accidentally.

[Featured Image by Julio Cortez/AP Images]