MayMac Media Tour: Next Stop, Las Vegas

Risible and downright hilarious at times — like the crowd chanting for Mayweather to “take off that shirt” — cringeworthy and offensive at others. The media tour supporting the much-anticipated Las Vegas fracas between two title holders in their respective sports wrapped up in London on Friday. The event dubbed MayMac over its run of four days in four different cities had its fair share of trash talking and rigmarole to make fans of even the purist of pacifists. The only thing better would have been if Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor resorted to blows at the presser, which took place inside of a ring under the dome of the SSE Arena in Wembley. A ring much like the one the good folks over at the T-Mobile Arena are preparing for their face-off on August 26.

“The reality is, whats going on here is just as much a part of the fight itself,” Dana White, president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, said in response to a question posed by a reporter concerned with the degenerate language and posturing on display by both contenders.

McGregor, who was instrumental in getting this fight organized, beamed with confidence throughout the tour. His assurance continued on in the final bout when, as he stood chiding into the ear of a seated Mayweather, he began patting his bald head annoyingly.

Mayweather refused the bait but is just as guilty when he unleashed a tirade of profanity-laced slurs during his time on the mic.

How this “fight before the fight” never ended in a brawl speaks volumes for the restraint and discipline both men showed despite their noisy argument. In this war of words, many feel this battle was clearly won by the Irishman, perhaps because of the location in which this last stop on the promotional tour took place — or perhaps folks in London just prefer an underdog. The crowd cheered and chanted all in his favor, while they jeered and taunted Mayweather, who brought with him much of the same fodder he used on the last three tour stops.

The next time these two meet will be on the Las Vegas Strip, inside the T-Mobile Arena. It is here we will see if a UFC fighter has what it takes to dethrone an undefeated world champion, who according to ESPN owes the IRS some $22 million. We will soon find out.

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[Featured Image by John Locher/AP Images]