'General Hospital' Spoilers For June 17-24: Sam's Lie, Sonny Receives A Threat, And Valentin Warns Laura

General Hospital spoilers for the week of July 17 promise more ultimatums, edgy confrontations, and dangerous situations. Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) is back, Carly (Laura Wright) will be on a mission to destroy Nelle (Chloe Lanier), and Sam (Kelly Monaco) has no choice but to give in to Jason's (Billy Miller) demands.

More Legal Issues

Valentin just got back to Port Charles but General Hospital spoilers tease Spencer (Nicolas Bechtel) is going to make him suffer. The little guy plans to sue his uncle, and Spencer will tell Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) about how Valentin killed his father. Laura will be on the receiving end of Valentin's threat next week. Valentin will warn her that he will not think twice about revealing Nikolas' shady business if they face off in court.

Spencer's news to Charlotte could make it harder for father and daughter to reconnect. At the same time, Laura will start thinking about the best course of action. It's clear Spencer's quest for revenge is not a good thing, and this would eventually put Spencer on a dangerous path.

Carly Versus Nelle

General Hospital spoilers for next week tease Carly (Laura Wright) is going to ask Sonny (Maurice Benard) for a favor. It seems like Carly is out to get Nelle although Sonny will talk her down. Given Carly's personality, it wouldn't be long before she starts to dig dirt about Nelle again. Meanwhile, Sonny will struggle to leave his dangerous mob life behind. Sonny will receive a threatening text message, and he will be concerned about the safety of his family. Carly will be busy dealing with Nelle, but spoilers hint it won't be long before she discovers someone has been threatening Sonny.

Port Charles Romances

Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) will walk in on Anna (Finola Hughes) and Andre (Anthony Montgomery). She will be asking questions about the real deal between Anna and Andre. Although the two will merely dismiss her curiosity saying they were swept up in the moment, she will tell Anna to pursue a relationship with Andre if that's what she wants.

Meanwhile, Jordan and Curtis' (Donnell Turner) romance is not exactly smooth due to Stella (Vernee Watson). Curtis will pay a visit to the General Hospital to see how Stella is doing. The two will end up chatting about Stella, and spoilers hint Stella will reveal she has been engaged. General Hospital spoilers suggest Curtis will feel guilty, and he will also learn the meaning of true sacrifice in next week's episodes.

Sam's Mental Breakdown

Sam has been keeping a big secret from Jason, and her husband will discover she lied in next week's episode of General Hospital. Sam will have no choice but to comply with her husband's wishes although she still thinks Sonny is the problem, not her. General Hospital spoilers hint this incident will contribute to her problem, and the hallucinations will not stop anytime soon. By the end of next week, Sam will make a beeline for Julian.

Meanwhile, Julia will corner Alexis and ask her if she will testify on his behalf. Being put on the spot will make Alexis feel conflicted.

False Assumptions

Finn (Michael Easton) and Hayden (Rebecca Budig) think everything will be alright now, and they are ready to move on. The couple is excited about their baby. Hayden is starting to embrace motherhood. Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers reveal Dr. Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) is not done with them yet, her plans will be revealed soon.

Griffin (Matt Cohen) will also have some good news for Ava (Maura West). However, Ava will still struggle with depression, and she will snap at Griffin when she receives some positive news about her condition. General Hospital spoilers hint more family drama for all Port Charles residents.
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