‘BB19’ July 13 Episode Recap: Who Got Evicted, And Who Is The New HOH?

This BB19 July 13 episode recap comes from Thursday night, where the house decided who would become the fourth evicted houseguest of the season. Any fans of the show paying attention to Big Brother 19 spoilers over the past week knew that this was going to be a very one-sided vote before host Julie Chen even appeared on the screen. Episode 8 of Big Brother 19 aired on CBS at 9 p.m. PT/ET on July 13.

The episode began in familiar fashion, recapping what had taken place over the past week, leading up to the results of the Veto Ceremony. In summary, Paul Abrahamian won the Head of Household and nominated Alex Ow and Josh Martinez for eviction. Paul then won the Power of Veto, using it at the Veto Ceremony to replace Josh with Cody Nickson on the block.

As for the new portions of this BB19 July 13 episode recap, a meeting between Jessica Graf and Christmas Abbott was shown, where Jessica tried to act like she hasn’t been rude to Christmas in the house. The conversation didn’t go the way she wanted it to, as she continuously interrupted Christmas and failed to take responsibility for anything she had done over the first three weeks of the game. The women both agreed to just “survive” in the same house moving forward.

A large portion of the July 13 episode showed Cody Nickson trying to turn the house against itself, dropping “bombs” about other houseguests helping him make the decisions. Cody even stated that he had people urging him to first target Paul Abrahamian and then Christmas Abbott, though there was no footage of any of that taking place. In reality, Mark Jansen had tried very hard to protect Paul, so this was Cody spreading false information.

The live vote and eviction took place about halfway through the episode, with host Julie Chen updating everyone on the surgery of Christmas Abbott. She had been out of the BB19 house going through the procedure, but wasn’t medically approved to return to the game before the eviction vote. It was then time for Alex Ow, Cody Nickson, and Ramses Soto to give their speeches and express hopes of getting saved for the week.

Jessica Graf voted first, casting a vote against Ramses to start things off. Then, Kevin Schlehuber also voted for Ramses, possibly giving the CBS television audience a suggestion that Ramses was at risk of getting evicted. When Christmas Abbott also voted for Ramses from her hospital bed, producers made it suddenly seem like the house was about to get shocked during the Eviction Ceremony.

After a long commercial break, the cast returned to the live vote. Raven Walton, Dominque Cooper, Mark Jansen, Jason Dent, Josh Martinez, Elena Davies, and Matt Clines all voted to evict Cody Nickson. By a vote of 7-3, Cody joined Cameron Heard, Megan Lowder, and Jillian Parker as evicted houseguests. After Cody met with host Julie Chen, it was time to begin playing the July 13 HOH Competition, but the endurance challenge would not be completed during the “live” episode.

Previous Big Brother 19 spoilers by the Inquisitr revealed that Raven Walton fell down the stairs and injured herself on Wednesday, July 12, making it very tough for her to compete in the coming endurance challenge. That brings an end to this BB19 July 13 episode recap, but not to the news that will be coming out of the house over the next few hours.

As the July 13 HOH Competition (endurance challenge) plays out on the live feeds, a report by the Inquisitr will provide live updates for fans.

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