Cocaine Cookie Monster: 39-Year-Old Camus McNair Caught With Cookie Monster Stuffed With 314 Grams Of Cocaine

This probably isn’t what Jim Henson had in mind when the Muppets creator created Cookie Monster in 1966. A Cookie Monster stuffed animal was used by Camus McNair, as seen in the below photo from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, to hide 314 grams of cocaine. According to police, Camus was arrested after a traffic stop in Marathon, Florida. The deputy who stopped McNair noticed that the Cookie Monster doll in the car was heavier than it should have been.

The finding happened on Wednesday, July 12, on U.S. Highway 1. The Cookie Monster stuffed animal was inside of the vehicle and discovered during a search of the car. Hidden inside a backpack, the Cookie Monster stuffed animal had been altered and slit open, with two packs of cocaine stuffed inside the beloved character. As reported by the Miami Herald, those two packs of cocaine squirreled away inside of Cookie Monster had been packed with 314 grams of cocaine. McNail hails from Key West and was reportedly driving a black Dodge car that had a license plate that wasn’t clearly visible and had windows tinted so dark that the officer couldn’t see who was driving the car.

Cookie Monster
[Image by Monroe County Sheriff's Office/Getty Images]

The Cookie Monster stuffed with cocaine was caught by Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy Orey Swilley, who waited around midnight near mile marker 47 while on duty. After the 39-year-old Camus passed the deputy, McNair was pulled over at 73rd Street. Swilley reported that the smell of marijuana was emanating from the vehicle after he stopped the car. Therefore, after searching the vehicle for additional contraband, the blue Cookie Monster stuffed animal was found inside of the backpack.

The Cookie Monster stuffed animal that was stuffed with 314 grams of cocaine has resulted in Camus gaining two felony charges. One of those charges represents cocaine trafficking, with McNair accused of transporting cocaine in an interesting albeit illegal manner, and another charge for drug equipment possession. Camus was taken to the Marathon jail and was held on $7,000 bond.


Meanwhile, the fact that Camus allegedly used a Cookie Monster doll to transport cocaine is getting plenty of feedback on Twitter.

[Featured Image by Monroe County Sheriff’s Office/Getty Images]