WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns Kicks Superstar Off WWE Tour Bus, Major Backstage Heat?

Recent WWE rumors indicate that Roman Reigns had a fellow Raw roster member removed from the WWE tour bus due to ongoing backstage heat. In addition to that, it appears that superstar might have also been denied access to the locker room. While this conjures up the stories that fans have heard about The Miz being banned from the locker room back in his early days, Mike “The Miz” Mizanin is not the superstar involved in this incident. However, this sort of thing is a dangerous line for professional wrestlers to cross as getting too much heat backstage with fellow superstars could lead to a nice “future endeavors” message out of nowhere.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter per Sportskeeda, the superstar in question is, in fact, Enzo Amore. It was reported that Enzo was removed from the WWE tour bus by top superstar Roman Reigns and also not allowed in the locker room. No reason for Enzo’s backstage heat has really been given, but it is noted that the former tag team member was not too happy with the WWE’s idea to break up his team with Big Cass. That move came over the past month or so, with a story on Raw showing that Enzo Amore had been attacked several times backstage. Eventually, it was revealed in a Raw closing segment that Big Cass was behind the attacks.

WWE star Enzo Amore facing backstage heat
It's being rumored that WWE star Enzo Amore is facing backstage heat, but the reasons are unclear. [Image by WWE]

The two former friends and tag partners faced off at last Sunday’s Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view, with Cass getting a dominant win in the match results. As of this report, it hasn’t appeared that Enzo would be fighting Cass again, although that is a possibility as WWE tends to do feuds with three big matches. On this past week’s Raw, the Big Show came to the ring to confront Cass in the opening segment of the show, suggesting they may battle at some point. However, Enzo Amore doesn’t seem to really have a dance partner at this point, and one has to wonder if he’ll become the latest Santino Marella on the roster.

As far as Enzo Amore and Big Cass go, the two have a relationship together as friends outside of the wrestling ring. They’ve been partnered as a tag team since their days in NXT from about 2014 through 2016. Their call-up to the main roster quickly showcased them as one of the more popular acts with the crowd. The team failed to get that major push in which they captured the WWE tag team titles, even though they were involved in several matches with the championship belts on the line.

WWE star Big Cass is next big WWE heel
Will WWE star Big Cass become the next major WWE heel? His recent push suggests the possibility. [Image by WWE]

It’s been said that Cass, real name William Morrissey, has backstage heat as well, due to strong vocal opinions in support of U.S. President Donald Trump. However, it still looks like WWE is happy enough to push Cass as the next “big man” heel based on his recent promos and feuds. Meanwhile, his former tag partner could be sinking himself with whatever he’s doing to draw that backstage heat.

As for now, fans of Enzo Amore will have to hope that he finds a way to get his act together and not get on the bad side of too many of the top stars in the company, or even worse, the bosses. Otherwise, the “realest guy not in the locker room” may end up not being in the WWE arena either.

[Featured Image by WWE]