Sandy Leaves Tower Of Trash In New Jersey

Some residents in New Jersey are living next to a three-story tall tower of trash left behind by Hurricane Sandy,

According to NBC, Sandy’s tower of trash stands in an empty lot next to the Pier Village shopping and apartment development in Long Branch, New Jersey. The city has been using the lot to store debris from Hurricane Sandy while they work to clear the streets.

Mayor Adam Scheider said: “We just weren’t going to get the streets cleared.”

Scheider said that sending dump trucks to the landfill would take them a couple extra hours for each trip. The city has decided that the quickest way to clear the streets is to use vacant lots like the one in Pier Village.

That may get the streets cleared faster but local residents and store owners aren’t too happy with the decision.

Liz Angrisani, who lives at the beachfront community, said: “You pay to live in a nice community, and this should not be your view.”

Mary McDonnell, who owns a store at Pier Village, told NBC that the trash tower makes people think that her store is closed.

Sheider said that building the trash tower at Pier Village was always a temporary solution. City Council is meeting this week to figure out a way to get rid of all the trash. The Mayor said that he expects the council to hire a contractor to start hauling the garbage away.