Kid Rock ‘Confirms’ Run For Senate — ‘Absolutely Delirious’ To ‘Please Don’t Run,’ Folks Weigh In

The Kid Rock for Senate website is no joke. On Wednesday the musician tweeted that his intentions are indeed real, confirming that he is making a serious run at representing the state he loves in the Senate. A new website recently popped up that had all the makings of a political campaign festering, but at first Kid Rock, whose real name is Robert James Ritchie, came in just short of actually making an announcement to make the run official.

As a previous Inquisitr article suggests, the website, which pictures Kid Rock with a stuffed deer, looked as though it could be a website of a candidate, but there was always a chance that Kid Rock For US Senate website was just a publicity stunt for a new album. A tweet from Kid Rock on Wednesday started the buzz online when the musician conveyed that the website was real and an “announcement” was forthcoming.

Kid Rock’s tweet was meant to answer the barrage of questions that came his way once the website went up without any official confirmation, or even an explanation, on his intentions to run for the Senate. According to Fox News, “Kid Rock confirms Michigan Senate run.” This was also announced on Fox & Friends during their live Thursday morning show.

It seems that the Republicans in the state of Michigan have been considering Kid Rock as their candidate for some time now. Back in February Sarah Anderson, who is the press officer for the Michigan GOP, said she didn’t know if Kid Rock was considering a run for the Senate, but added that if he did, she thought it would be “awesome.” While it is not known if Kid Rock will campaign to run on the Republican ticket, many are weighing in about their hopes that he will go up against incumbent Democrat Debbie Stabenow in 2018.

As you can see in the picture above, Kid Rock has the same color scheme as the Oval Office going on behind him, blue and gold. This is the photo he is using as the backdrop for his Kid Rock For US Senate website. Just like Kid Rock, the stuffed deer in the picture, which is set by a window, is not hard to miss.

A picture of President George Washington hangs on the wall, which can be seen peeping out from under the belly of the stuffed deer. On the window shade in the background, a “Made In Detroit” symbol is prominently displayed. As the previous Inquisitr article notes, Kid Rock is already offering up “Kid Rock For US Senate” merchandise, like hats, bumper stickers, and T-shirts.

So what are the masses thinking today about Kid Rock seriously putting his hat in the ring for U.S. Senate? CNET suggests that “Some will be absolutely delirious. Others will mumble: Well, at least it’s not Ted Nugent.” The statements that are included on the Kid Rock For US Senate website include, “Are You Scared?,” “In Rock We Trust” and “Pimp Of The Nation.”


There’s a mixed bag of comments coming from the online world today across the social media sites. While many who are identifying themselves as fans of the musician when making a comment are rooting for him, there are some that would rather see him stick to music. Josh Epstein, a Twitter user writes,

“I’ve always respected you and you’ve always been cool to me. Please don’t run for office, man. You’re a rapper at heart, Bob.”

Some put a bit of a comedy spin on their comments, like Twitter user Jenny Johnson who wrote,

“Kid Rock running for Senate is like Donald Trump running for Presi… nevermind.”

William Brannen saw it as a special time in history as he tweeted,

“Kid Rock running for a seat in the Senate, what a time to be alive.”

It seems Proud Resister has a different take on the musician’s run for a Senate seat. He tweets,

“Kid Rock running for Senate in Michigan? Because electing an out of touch celebrity is working wonders for America right now. SMH.”

According to Fox News, Kid Rock is an “outspoken conservative” who has said he’s a Republican when it comes to certain issues, but on other issues, he leans more toward the center. In his own words, the Rock declares,

“I am definitely a Republican on fiscal issues and the military, but I lean to the middle on social issues. I am no fan of abortion, but it’s not up to a man to tell a woman what to do. As an ordained minister I don’t look forward to marrying gay people, but I’m not opposed to it.”

Fox & Friends on Thursday morning reports that the news of Kid Rock throwing his hat into the Senate has the Democrats uneasy. “This had the Democrats shaking in their boots,” is how they explain the feeling. If this is the case, it would suggest the Democrats are taking Kid Rock’s attempt at unseating their candidate seriously.

Back in April Kid Rock created a buzz along with another musician Ted Nugent when they visited the White House and had dinner with Donald Trump. Sarah Palin was also in attendance and the visiting trio posed in front of Hillary Clinton’s First Lady portrait, which hangs on the wall with other past presidents and first ladies in the White House.

Sarah Palin posted the photo online and it went viral as it was seen as a means to taunt Hillary. The photo is seen below.

[Featured Image by Carlo Allegri/AP Images]