Is Kody Brown Divorcing ‘Sister Wives’ Cast? Report Casts Doubt On Explosive New Rumor

Is Kody Brown divorcing the women who join him on the cast of Sister Wives? Or is it the women who are planning to leave him? That’s what the rumor mill is currently claiming, although a separate report claims that there’s no truth at all to rumors that Kody is planning to split from his wives, or vice versa.

Citing a report from Life & Style magazine, Radar Online wrote that Kody, 48, may likely be “back on the market” very soon, as his four wives – Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn – are thinking of leaving him, provided “he doesn’t leave them first.” The report claims that Kody has been verbally abusive to his current wives, while the women haven’t been too thrilled with his “bad behavior and thirst for fame,” as well as his alleged desire to marry newer, younger women.

As noted, Kody Brown is divorced from his first wife Meri, who is the Sister Wives lead star’s only legal wife. But when Kody brought home his fourth wife, Robyn, and added her to the growing family, that’s when the trouble allegedly started, as the Life & Style report claims that second wife Janelle and third wife Christine were both upset upon Robyn’s arrival, with Christine in particular claiming that this ruined the Brown family.

A new report claims that Kody Brown is planning to divorce all four of his sister wives. [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

More pointedly, Life & Style is claiming that even Robyn is planning to leave Kody, as he is “no longer the man she fell in love with” due to his allegedly difficult behavior. On the other hand, the report adds that Kody Brown has plans of his own to divorce all of his wives so he could start fresh with a new set of women, which may include “one special lady in Montana.”

“I believe Kody is about to wipe the slate clean by divorcing all his wives.”

However, a report from rumor-debunking site Gossip Cop claims that the above Life & Style cover story cited by Radar Online has no truth to it. And that also includes some details not cited by Radar‘s report, such as claims that Meri and Robyn Brown are planning to do their own Sister Wives spinoff on TLC, and allegations that all four sister wives are focusing on their businesses, in order to get their finances in order before leaving Kody.

Per Gossip Cop‘s sources, which reportedly consulted with a source close to the Sister Wives production team, Kody has no plans to divorce any of his wives, nor are the women looking forward to leaving him before he does.

As Kody Brown divorce rumors are nothing new, the Inquisitr did report in May that the Brown family patriarch has been doing his part to debunk these rumors with as little fanfare as possible. At that time, he retweeted a photo from Logan Brown, his oldest child with second wife Janelle, which featured the entire polygamous family in a group photo, as well as a slideshow with all four sister wives in solo photos.

What are your thoughts on this latest round of Kody Brown divorce rumors? Would you still watch TLC’s Sister Wives, should new wives be added to the cast?

[Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]