Facebook Live Death: Nikol Barabasova’s Death Caught By Her Own Video

Everyone loves the way that you can live stream and your family and friends can watch everything that is going on. Now, a woman has passed away while on Facebook Live. The Hollywood Gossip shared about what went down when Nikol Barbasova passed away. This terrible tragedy was caught on Facebook Live and this may make people think twice about using Facebook Live while in the car.

In the video, Nikol is singing along and happily talking to her friend in the car. She was on Facebook Live and her friends and family were able to watch what was going on. Then they were involved in a car crash and the woman died in this crash. Her friend that was in the other seat is still in the intensive care unit and didn’t lose her life in this crash luckily. Hopefully, she will be okay, but only time will tell since she is still being treated.

When the accident happened, Nikol was going 74.5 mph in Obrnice, Czech Republic and then struck a barrier. She lets out a scream and the car ends up flipping over from the accident. You can hear the window wipers running and other than that, it is silent after the scream.


The local police are still investigating, but for now, it seems like the fact that she was on Facebook Live has nothing to do with the cause of the accident. It really does look like it was just a tragedy. If you want to watch this video, it is online, but we are not going to share it here. This video is very hard to watch. After an investigation is completed, it should be reported if the fact that Nikol was on Facebook Live is part of what lead to her death. This is not the first death to happen while on Facebook Live.


Were you shocked by the way that Nikol Barbasova’s death was caught on Facebook Live? Do you feel like there should be a delay of some kind so things can be stopped before people see a tragedy? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

[Featured Image by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images]