‘Married At First Sight’ Spoilers: Sheila Tells Nate She Is Done With Marriage

Things are winding down on Married at First Sight and it is about time for the couples to reveal if they are going to stay together or not. Three different couples got married without even knowing each other and now they are trying to see if it works. The thing is, it looks like Sheila and Nate are going to end up calling it quits before the end of the show. Wet Paint shared that in a new preview for tomorrow’s episode, Sheila goes ahead and tells Nate that she is done and wants their marriage to be over.

Sheila and Nate will have a huge fight while they are at the basketball courts. Things won’t go as planned for them. Nate said something earlier to Sheila that has her extremely upset. He actually gave her an apology, but she isn’t buying it and doesn’t think that it was good enough either. She tells him “It was inappropriate, it was disrespectful, it was cruel and callous and I didn’t sign up for that,” but then she tells the camera, “He said a hurtful and damaging thing to his wife.” The thing is the preview doesn’t show what he said, and it is unknown if the episode will show it either.

He has obviously apologized to her, but she isn’t happy and continues to go off on him explaining that she is done. Sheila even goes as far as to tell him that she is done with their marriage. She says that they are not moving forward at all and she is totally done. She is done with him and the show. Sheila goes as far as to tell Nate that she is done with their marriage. The fans will have to wait and see if they call it quits now and then they don’t end up being on the rest of this season of the show.

Are you shocked to hear that Sheila is already done with her marriage with Nate? Do you feel like they will end up trying to make their marriage work? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Married at First Sight on Thursday nights on Lifetime. It won’t be much longer before the fans get to see if any of these marriages last or not.

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