‘BB19’ July 12 Episode Recap: Spoilers From CBS Include Veto Winner, Final Nominations For Eviction

The BB19 July 12 episode recap comes from Wednesday night, with CBS ready to reveal the Week 2 Veto Competition to viewers. By the end of the night, viewers would know not only who won the Power of Veto, but also who would be at risk of going home at the Eviction Ceremony. Episode 7 of Big Brother 19 aired on CBS at 8 p.m. PT/ET on July 12.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it was Paul Abrahamian who won the Head of Household Competition, taking full control of the game. Quite a few Big Brother 19 spoilers were confirmed during the July 9 episode in that regard. Paul worked with Alex Ow and Josh Martinez to use them as pawns, all with the plan to backdoor Cody Nickson and get him out of the BB19 house. At the Nomination Ceremony he put up Josh and Alex, but Ramses Soto shocked everyone by self-nominating, fulfilling the curse placed on him earlier this season.

This BB19 July 12 episode recap picks up following the “previously on Big Brother” segment, with the house reacting to the nominations. It was about as anyone would expect, with the nominees pretending to be upset about getting nominated and the showmance of Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf seeing through the charade. Cody had to figure out a plan to try to save himself, but it wasn’t going well. Then he had to deal with the bad news of the next curse.

As shown in the video above, three houseguests were cursed by Christmas Abbott, when she was given the Ring of Replacement by America. That ring allows her to replace anyone she wants to during a Veto Competition, allowing her to take some power away from other people but serving as an insurance policy as well. If Cody had been randomly drawn, she could have replaced him, but later it would be revealed that Matt Clines and Elena Davies would join the three nominees and Paul in the Veto Competition.

Going back to the curse, which had been the focus of some previous Big Brother 19 spoilers, Jessica Graf, Jason Dent, and Cody Nickson were forced to become “VeToads” in the BB19 house. It required them to wear outfits and hop around the house until the end of the week. As one might expect, it wasn’t taken well by the three people who had to suffer the punishment. Anyone watching it on the live feeds has also seen how negatively Jessica and Cody have reacted to the punishment.

At the Veto Competition, the six competitors had to go through an airport built in the backyard, answering questions as they went. Answering correctly meant moving through the obstacle course quicker, but missing them meant punishments like eating interesting foods. It was an extensive competition that took a long time to complete, with Ramses Soto referencing how many people in the house had been pressuring him to throw the Veto. Meanwhile, Jessica and Cody were cheering him on, as he could have changed everything by winning.

Paul Abrahamian knew the importance of winning the Veto Competition and keeping the power in his hands. That’s exactly what took place, as he blazed right through what amounted to the most important competition the BB19 cast has played in so far. Winning the Power of Veto gave Paul complete control over the Veto Ceremony as well. Making the usual speech, Paul took down Josh Martinez and put Cody Nickson in his place on the block. Now it will be Cody, Alex Ow, and Ramses Soto on the block for the July 13 Eviction Ceremony.

Ramses almost won the Veto, putting him in a bad position with a lot of people in the house. It was addressed by several of them, with Ramses swearing that he wasn’t trying to win the competition. Paul told him how worried he was when Ramses almost won but ultimately came in second place. Production made it seem like Ramses might be at risk rather than Cody, but that was never really the case.

That brings an end to the BB19 July 12 episode recap, but for fans interested in reading more Big Brother 19 spoilers, like how the votes are shaping up for Thursday night, another report by the Inquisitr provides that information.

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