President Trump Talks To Pat Robertson About Obamacare, Russia, And Hillary Clinton — Watch ‘700 Club’ Video

President Trump sat for an exclusive interview with Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) founder Pat Robertson. Clips from the interview were released on Wednesday, July 12, 2017, with the full interview set to air on Thursday. Portions of the interview were published on the official CBN website and President Trump discussed issues such as Obamacare, Hillary Clinton, his recent trip to the G20 summit, and meeting Russian President Putin. You may watch videos from the 700 Club and President Trump’s interview with Pat Robertson below. A full video of the interview will be posted on Thursday.

Speaking to CBN, President Trump expressed disbelief that Russia’s President Putin was behind the election hacking because he felt Hillary Clinton would have been more favorable to Putin’s regime than he is. Though he described Putin as putting Russia first and said America was his priority, President Trump said the G20 summit was very productive. His meeting with Putin was their first face-to-face get-together and it lasted for two hours and 15 minutes. President Trump was adamant that Hillary Clinton would have been better for Russia’s goals than he is since he’s building up the U.S. military.

According to a report by Reuters, President Trump said that the meeting with Putin shows the two leaders can work together. Trump said the two men get along very well. He spoke about the Syrian ceasefire as evidence the two men can work together to get things accomplished.

President Trump also spoke about Obamacare and how important he feels it is that there is a resolution that results in the healthcare bill’s repeal and replacement. He expressed a sense of urgency for Mitch McConnell to work with Republicans and get something together that President Trump can sign.

Though President Trump spoke positively about Putin, he expressed frustration regarding the media’s coverage of Russian collusion. President Trump referred to the continual coverage of Russia as a distraction from the goals he hopes to achieve.

The news that President Trump granted an exclusive interview to Robertson has received mixed reactions across social media networks. Are you going to watch the full interview on Thursday? What do you think about President Trump granting CBN’s Pat Robertson an interview?


[Featured Image by Win McNamee/Getty Images]