‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 100: ‘Shonen Jump’ Summary Teases SSJB Caulifla, Disappoints Fans

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 100 might feature the transformation of U6's Caulifla to Super Saiyan Blue.

The official Weekly Shonen Jump preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 100 has been released, and it has teased that Goku would be teaching a Universe 6 warrior, Caulifla, how to transform into Super Saiyan Blue. While this would be an interesting development in the Universe Survival Arc, many fans of the hit anime series have expressed their disappointment at the idea of the female Saiyan attaining such as high power level in such a short span of time.

The Weekly Shonen Jump summary for Dragon Ball Super Episode 100, translated by noted DBS fan translator Todd Blankenship, teased that Goku would be teaching the U6 fighter how to attain SSJB power levels.

“Kale awakens?! The Tournament of Power gets thrown into chaos!!

“With Krillin disqualified, Goku and the gang are now down to only nine people! Meanwhile, something strange is happening to the body of Caulifla’s protégé, the Universe 6 warrior Kale?!

“Caulifla This Week: learning the method for transforming into Super Saiyan Blue?! The Super Saiyan Caulifla witnesses firsthand the power of Blue! Moved by its strength, she asks her enemy Goku to teach her how to transform into it, but…?!”

In a lot of ways, the reaction of the Dragon Ball Super community is understandable. After all, Saiyans among the Z-fighters, such as Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan, have attained their SSJ forms through a ton of hard work, training, and tribulation, as noted by DBS fans in online forums such as Reddit. Goku, for one, was only able to transform into a Super Saiyan back in Dragon Ball Z after the villainous Frieza killed his best friend Krillin in cold blood. Vegeta, for his part, pretty much had to pass through hoops before he was finally able to reach SSJ1.

These character developments, however, have been completely absent among the Saiyans of Universe 6. In the build-up to the Tournament of Power, Cabba of Universe 6, who learned how to reach SSJ1 through a hard lesson with Vegeta, scouted Caulifla as a member of the U6 representative team due to her innate potential.

While training, the female Saiyan was able to learn how to power up to SSJ1 quickly. What’s more, Caulifla even moved up to SSJ2 after just a few minutes in order to stop her close friend Kale, who was rampaging in her newly unlocked LSSJ form.

Considering the fact that Caulifla has technically learned how to reach SSJ1 for just a few hours in the anime’s timeline, many avid fans of the long-running anime series have expressed their disappointment at the premise of the female fighter learning the strongest Super Saiyan form to date this quickly. If the recently released Weekly Shonen Jump summary is any indication, however, such a development might very well happen.

Then again, the Shonen Jump summary only stated that Goku would be teaching the U6 fighter how to transform into Super Saiyan Blue. The summary did not mention anything about Caulifla actually succeeding in her attempts to reach SSJB. Thus, while it seems inevitable that Dragon Ball Super would be giving out the SSB transformation to Caulifla in the Universe Survival Arc, there is still a chance that the female fighter would have to wait a bit more before attaining the highest Saiyan transformation in the series to date.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 100 is set to air on July 23. The episode would be available in the West through streaming services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.

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