Chelsea Handler Speaks Out, Remembers Brother Who Died

Chelsea Handler lost her brother years ago, but in a recent tribute on her Instagram page she spoke out about how much she misses him and how her life is different without him in it. People shared what Chelsea had to say about Chet, who died 33 years ago. Her brother died when he fell off a cliff in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She has talked about him over the years, but this new tribute was really touching.

When Chet died, he was just 22-years-old and was the oldest of the six children. Chelsea Handler shared saying, “We were never 6 again. Only 5. The number was never the right number again.” She said that she learned a lot when he died, though. Because of him now Chelsea knows to live a little and that you may never get a chance again to tell people that you love them. The fans are loving getting to see this side of Chelsea because she normally doesn’t show it to the world.

Chelsea Handler was the youngest child in her family. In her books, she has talked a lot about her family and how things are for them. She was just nine-years-old when her brother Chet died, but she will always remember him. You can see her touching post below.

She has opened up in the past about her brother Chet and just last year she talked about how hard his all was on her family. She watched her parents fall apart when her brother died. She did reveal that what went down helped to keep her family really close and tight with each other. She does have beautiful memories of her brother and because of them Chelsea had a really close family and she loved growing up that way. She was so young when he passed away that this really did shape her entire life.

Chelsea was really close to her brother Chet and remembers that he would come home from school late at night. She would actually make him cereal and felt like she was taking care of him and making him dinner. It was a sweet gesture that she will always remember.

Did you even realize that Chelsea Handler had a brother who died? Do you enjoy seeing a softer side of her? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

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