Ten-Year-Old Florida Girl Accuses Two Boys Of Rape: ‘They Said If I Didn’t Let Them, They Would Beat Me Up’

Florida girl sexually assaulted

Two boys—aged 10 and 12—in Boynton Beach, Florida were arrested for allegedly raping a 10-year-old girl, the Palm Beach Post reports. Police say that on May 1, a girl, whose name has not been released, gave a note to one of the staff members at her elementary school.

Inside the note was a secret that she had been withholding for three months. The girl revealed that she had been raped twice by two boys who lived on her street.

The suspects are not being identified because they are minors.

Although the victim had issues remembering the exact date of the alleged sexual assault, she stated that it occurred during spring break. Authorities stated that the Palm Beach County School District goes on spring break during the third week of March.

The girl went on to say that the first time she was raped by the boys was when she was playing outside in front of her home. The boys approached her and asked if she wanted to have sex with them. When she rejected their request, the boys threatened to beat her up if she didn’t comply, police say.

A police report indicates that one of the boys grabbed her by the arm and pushed the girl to the backyard of an abandoned house where they took turns raping her.

It was reported that a third boy was present during the sexual assault, but the victim assured officers that he did not partake in the crime.

The second sexual assault took place after spring break, the girl stated. She was playing outside in her neighborhood when the 12-year-boy approached her by himself. He asked to have sex with her again, and if she didn’t do it, he told her that he would shoot her house.

The boy ostensibly forced the girl into an abandoned home and sexually assaulted her.

The victim remained silent about the incident for three months. Then one day she wrote a note to an employee at her school, revealing that she had been raped.

A licensed psychologist Raphi Wald stated that “there’s no one outcome that happens after a person is sexually assaulted. Some people develop post-traumatic stress disorder where they have nightmares and flashbacks. Others develop depression or anxiety while some victims adjust fairly well.”

An investigation was launched thereafter, and the victim was sent to the hospital for testing. When her results came back positive for signs of rape, Boynton Beach Police arrested the suspects on sexual assault charges.

The boys were booked into the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s juvenile detention facility and released a short time later. They were ordered to wear an ankle monitor, and the boys were prohibited from staying in the victim’s neighborhood.

The juveniles are being prosecuted, and if they are convicted of raping a 10-year-old Boynton Beach girl, they could remain in custody until the age of 21.

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