At ‘Southern Charm’ Reunion, Chelsea Meissner Is Going To Confront Landon And Shep

The first night of the Southern Charm reunion was fairly underwhelming with old arguments being rehashed. But previews and a sneak peek prove that new girl on the block Chelsea Meissner will not be going quietly and, in fact, will be sharing her thoughts on bad behavior by her Southern Charm cast mates Landon Clements and Shep Rose.

Chelsea dated new guy and Shep doppelganger Austen Kroll, who sparked jealousy in Shep, leading to an awkward run-in between Shep and Chelsea. On Part 2 of the Southern Charm Season 4 reunion Chelsea seems to confirm what Cameran said to Shep during Part 1, which is that he is reportedly another person when he drinks heavily, and the change is not for the better.

It seems that Chelsea can now be added to the list of people on Southern Charm who have an issue with Landon. Between her rejection of “girl code” and her flirtation with Austen, Chelsea has finally had enough and wants to let Landon know that she is old enough to know better. Landon has been a lightning rod for fans who take to social media regularly to share how they feel about Landon and call out her behavior, her voice, and her hair — and that is for starters.

But recently, Southern Charm cast members Shep and Craig spoke out to the media about issues with Landon. Shep says that Landon shot herself in the foot like no one he’s ever seen, and Craig stated that he thinks Landon is a bit delusional.

Beyond the Southern Charm reunion teaser, it has been confirmed that Chelsea will confront Landon about her behavior on Part 2 of the Season 4 reunion. Although Landon will reportedly deny it and deflect, Chelsea will be insistent that Landon knew that she was dating Austen, yet Landon kept turning on the high-level flirting. And Chelsea reportedly won’t stop there, as she moves onto Shep and shares details about the night a drunken Shep grabbed her and tried to kiss her. While she seems to have brushed it off at the time, it seems that she reportedly felt assaulted by Shep.

But before Chelsea expressed her disappointment in Landon’s behavior, fans were calling Landon out for dismissing girl code. When Landon was a guest on WWHL, a fan called in for clarification on what Landon said about girl code, respecting your friends, and keeping your hands off of their love interests.

“I want to know what Landon meant by ‘no girl code.'”

Many thought that Landon’s response was awkward and dishonest considering the way she flirted with Austen in front of Chelsea.

“I just think that I live by a ‘do the right thing all the time’ code so I don’t think I need to differentiate between boys and girls. I mean I never broke any girl code. I haven’t hooked up with anyone. So the whole girl code thing is just so tacky to me. People that have to reduce themselves to that sort of vocabulary is not for me.”

Things were clarified for Landon so she could understand that they were asking her about flirting with Austen in front of the other women from Southern Charm.

“I don’t know what I thought of it to be honest. I wasn’t flirting. That’s just sort of my personality. I know that’s not an excuse. I’m sad if that upset Chelsea Meissner or whatnot, but I think that made her realize that she has feelings for Austen that I don’t have for him.”

Well, it sounds like Chelsea saw things a different way, and Landon will be back in the hot seat next Monday.


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And based on the Southern Charm reunion previews, Shep is not going to simply be demure after he hears what Chelsea has to say about the night he tried to kiss her (plus it seems like a few other Southern Charm cast members will pile on to take a few shots at normally jovial Shep). Just before the Southern Charm reunion started, Shep was asked how he was feeling, and he said that he felt emasculated.

Are you surprised that Southern Charm newbie Chelsea Meissner is going to confront Landon and Shep on Part 2 of the reunion?

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