‘Teen Wolf’ 6B Trailer Confirms The Return Of Stiles, Jackson, Gerard, Ethan and Derek

The fans of Teen Wolf are rejoicing today because the new 6B trailer has confirmed the return of fan favorites Stiles, Jackson, Ethan, Gerard, and Derek. There has been a lot of speculation that Dylan O’Brien would not be coming back as Stiles this season, but that is not the case at all and fans are happy to hear that he somehow had time to film Teen Wolf and Maze Runner: The Death Cure. The return of Michael Hogan’s Gerard, Dylan O’Brien’s Stiles, Tyler Hoechlin’s Derek, Colton Haynes’ Jackson, and Charlie Carver’s Ethan is making fans really excited. Teen Wolf went to their Facebook to share the new preview that confirms all of the returns.

The preview starts out showing Beacon Hills in blood on a metal wall as they say this is where they are all going to die. The battle is on, but several fan favorites are coming back and won’t let those that are left in Beacon Hills fight alone. They have opened a door to another world, and of course, this is going to cause havoc in the entire town. The humans are now fighting against the characters that the fans love and don’t want to lose.


At first, it looks like Scott and Malia are going to be fighting this battle without near the assistance they need, but the war against the supernatural in Beacon Hills has already started. The next thing you know Stiles and Derek show back up and are ready to help them out. Fans rejoiced as the heard Dylan O’Brien say “You don’t think that you’re doing this without me, did ya?”

One other thing in this preview that you have to notice is that it looks like Scott and Malia are making out in a shower. This is something that the fans can’t wait to see go down this season on Teen Wolf.


Are you excited to hear that Stiles, Jackson, Ethan, and Derek are coming back to Teen Wolf? Are you sad that this is the last season of the show? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss Teen Wolf when it returns to MTV on July 30. Don’t forget that it has been moved to Sunday nights for the final season.

[Featured Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]