Sean Smith, Hero Of The Libyan Consulate Attack, Honored By The Inquisitr Video Game Awards

Four brave Americans lost their lives when al-Qaeda linked terrorists attacked and destroyed the United States Consulate in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012. Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and Sean Smith died trying to defend fallen Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Sean was known to the gaming writers at The Inquisitr as a hardcore gamer and one of the leaders of the science fiction video game, EVE Online. It is with great respect we announce The First Annual Sean Smith Memorial Online Game Of The Year Award to be presented every year in memory of a true hero, Sean Smith.

The award to honor Sean will be announced as the highlight of the First Annual Inquisitr Video Game Awards on Monday, December 17, 2012. The award in Sean’s memory brings special meaning to all the online games, console games and pc games The Inquisitr will recognize next week.

Sean Smith spent countless hours fighting the stress of his postings to dangerous foreign lands by playing EVE Online. The game is a science fiction flavored MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) that takes place in the remote regions of outer space. To succeed in the game, players vie for control of planets, resources and bases. Interstellar combat, trade and diplomacy are all important aspects of the game.. Individual players often band together into guilds called Corporations to enhance their chances to survive and profit in the game.

In keeping with his real life calling, Sean assumed the role of a hard nosed, tough talking Diplomat named Vile Rat and spent much of his game time negotiating with other corporations to form alliances with his guild, discover their intentions or trick them into exposing a weakness. Sean was renowned as one of the top diplomats in EVE Online, which came as no surprise to those who knew him.

Eve Online has a population of about 400,000 players, which makes for an involved and tightly knit community. Always a leader, Sean was elected to the game’s Council of Stellar Management and he was one of a small group of players chosen to work with the developers to help improve the game.

Prior to his murder in Libya, Sean experienced hostile fire at other US Embassies around the world. He was often in a chat room with EVE Online players when trouble started and he would leave sarcastic but frightening messages. One of Sean’s friends, Zastrow, remembered some of the times Sean did return:

11:48:19 PM) zastrow: when VR was in baghdad he’d always come into illum and be like
(11:48:23 PM) zastrow: F*CK MORTARS
(11:48:31 PM) zastrow: SIRENS AGAIN G*D D*MMIT
(11:48:39 PM) zastrow: and we’d laugh and he’d always come back a few minutes later
(11:48:49 PM) zastrow:

After the terrible news in Libya became public knowledge, the EVE Online community began to honor Sean as only gamers can. The forums were full of moving tributes, many players named their in-game outposts for Sean and the community started a fund to raise money for his family.


Alex “The Mittani” Gianturco, leader of Sean’s guild paid tribute to his fallen friend:

“My people, I have grievous news. Vile Rat has been confirmed to be KIA in Benghazi; his family has been informed and the news is likely to break out on the wire services soon. Needless to say, we are in shock, have no words, and have nothing but sympathy for his family and children. I have known Vile Rat since 2006, he was one of the oldest of old-guard goons and one of the best and most effective diplomats this game has ever seen. His family are in our thoughts and prayers.”

The gaming community was truly heartbroken when Sean Smith was murdered and they have banded together in amazing ways to honor Sean’s memory. As the Resident Gaming Writer for The Inquisitr, along with my colleague Dan McCall, it is our honor, our duty and our privilege to join all the friends of Sean Smith and remember his sacrifice by establishing The First Annual Sean Smith Memorial Online Game Of The Year Award in his memory.

He went by the name Vile Rat in Eve Online, but in real life you couldn’t met a kinder person, a better husband or a more dedicated father than Sean Smith. This one is for you Vile Rat, may your memory never fade!