July 4, 2016
'Miracle' Dog Rescues Owner, Another Canine Coaxes Owner To Buy Truck For Nearly Six Figures

Dogs are amazing. This week's good find animal news features two dogs: one who rescued its owner in "miracle" fashion; the other -- well, let's say, it has an exceptional eye for wheels.

In Wisconsin, a dog named John Boy aka Real Life Lassie is being hailed as a hero for rescuing his owner who suffered the effects of a heart condition.

On the night of the health scare, John Boy, a black Labrador Retriever was observed running up the side of a road barking wildly, as though he were seeking assistance from the public. Jeff Gonzales, a local police officer, caught up with the dog and saw that he was trying to get him to step out of his car and follow him.

As soon as the police officer stepped out of his cruiser, the dog began running back to his original location, with Gonzales close behind. As soon as the police arrived at John Boy's home, he found the animal's owner, Krystal, on the front porch of the residence.

Krystal was slumped over, frigid to the touch, and unresponsive to the officer. According to Gonzalez, Krystal's blue lips, cold skin, and lack of reaction made him think the dog's owner was dead. He used his radio and called for assistance. Meanwhile, he Krystal was brought inside where it was warm. Paramedics arrived a short time later and rushed the victim to a nearby facility for treatment.

At the hospital, Krystal was able to make a full recovery and could not wait to meet the heroes that had saved her: the police officer and four-legged friend.

In the heartwarming video, Krystal is shown meeting her two heroes and thanking them for saving her life. According to the woman, John Boy was a miracle dog.

Krystal said the canine had been adopted and returned to the shelter three times by three different families before he wound up in her care. If any of these families had kept John Boy -- or Krystal had not adopted the animal when she did -- it is possible that Krystal would have had a different outcome in her moment of greatest need.

This next story is about a man who made an unusual buying decision, with his dog at the helm.

Though one might expect him to regret it, a man in Maricopa County, Arizona stands by his decision to purchase a $95,000 car -- simply because his dog liked it, according to Life With Dogs.

The dog is named Diego, and sadly, he's had a life full of rejection. Diego spent three years waiting for someone to adopt him, to no avail. One day, the Chihuahua was found walking along the streets of Maricopa County, where he was picked up by the local animal care services.

Diego was eventually taken to Lost Our Pet Rescue (LOH), according to Jodi Polanski, the executive director of the facility.

"No one seemed to notice him until Doggy Date Night."

Doggy Date Night is an event where potential pet owners can watch a movie, greet pet supplies vendors and purchase their products and participate in a "speed date." The goal is to find a rescue dog to take home.

Through this event, Diego met Ken Toth, a truck driver and friend of a volunteer at the LOH facility. During the Speed Dating portion of Doggy Date Night, Diego was given to Toth, who was then interviewed by a local news station.

"Look at that face. How can't you fall in love with that face?"

The following day, Toth adopted Diego, and the dog has since become his companion during long trips on the road. Its new owner soon learned how good his taste was in automobiles.

One day, Toth brought Diego with him to pick out a new truck. The pair checked out three different vehicles. Diego seemed to get comfortable in the third option.

However, Toth was hesitant to buy the vehicle due to its large price tag. Nevertheless, Toth gave in and eventually made the $95,000 purchase.

"When I say we don't get separated, that's right to the core. It was a $95,000 purchase based on my dog."

Hopefully, the dog pays the insurance on that pricey rig.

[Photo via Shutterstock]