Kylie Cosmetics ‘Buy One, Get One Free’ Promotion Criticized By Shoppers

Kylie Cosmetics buy one, get one free promotion criticized by shoppers

Now is the time to stock up on Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits. The 19-year-old is offering a buy one, get one free promotion until 7:59 a.m. PST on July 10.

Of course, there are a few restrictions on what items customers can chose to get free. Shoppers can chose among several Lip Kits, including Love Bite, Leo, and Spice, when picking their free item. There are also glosses, metals, single lip liners and matte lipsticks, and Kyliners still available for selection.

Unfortunately, the more popular Lip Kits and Kylighters are already out of stock. And it seems fans are not too happy about this fact.

Instagram users have taken to leaving comments on the Kylie Cosmetics post announcing the promotion as they share their frustrations.

Commenters asked Kylie to restock the highlighters and questioned why the BOGO deal does not apply to a specific Lip Kit.

“I wanted 22 and koko but I can’t combine the two in the bogo deal.”

Others simply stated the promotion is not working for them as they attempt to check out.

“The discount is not coming off wtf.”

It seems Jenner’s latest cosmetics deal is not winning over her fans as they attempt to take advantage of the limited-time promotion.

It's buy one get one FREE today!! The perfect time to stock up on your favorites! ❤

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In fact, it seems to be quite confusing for some as they are disappointed the deal does not apply to all the matte Lip Kits.

“Kylie we need more lip kits in the bogo offer.”

Prior to products selling out, Jenner had only a handful of Lip Kit shades offered in the promotion. It seems she’s trying to sell the least popular kits as the promotion did not feature any top sellers, such as Kristen, Dirty Peach, or Candy K.

Bustle reported on the Kylie Cosmetics sale as the site referred to the products that actually qualify for the BOGO deal.

“So, in order to get the deal, you have to buy a full price Lip Kit, Kyliner, Kyshadow Palette, Kylighter, or Blush.”

The site also stated that fans are in for some great savings as the free products range from $15 to $29 each. Of course, this only applies if fans find an item they want on the BOGO list and are able to purchase it before it sells out.

This has been a point of irritation for some shoppers, as they comment their freebies are selling out before they have a chance to finish the purchase.

“I had the freebies I wanted in my cart and like 2 mins they sold out.”

Other Kylie Cosmetics customers wish to see the promotion go on for a longer time, but that may be hard given the BOGO products are already out of stock just two days into the sale.

“Guess I’ll have to wait for the next bogo… nothing is really left.”

This seemed to be a common theme among Kylie’s fans as numerous people took to sharing their annoyance at products constantly being out of stock, especially during promotions.

“It’s really annoying that there is never enough inventory to last through these sales.”

Despite some fans finding fault with Jenner’s latest ploy to increase cosmetics sales, others are quite happy with the Summertime Fine promotion.

Instagram users commented things such as “tempting” and stated they are going to be broke after buying new Kylie Cosmetics products. Others said it’s a good deal despite the expensive shipping costs.

“[I] wish shipping wasn’t so expensive but a bomb deal nonetheless.”

Visit the official Kylie Cosmetics site to learn more about the promotion and to find out what items are currently in stock.

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