Oklahoma Cops Say Dad Claimed Adult Daughter Killed Herself, But Dad Allegedly Murdered Her

Cops in Oklahoma have charged a dad with the murder of his adult-age daughter after he first contacted emergency officials to report that she had shot herself in an apparent suicide attempt.

The New York Post reports that Ronald McMullen of Norman was booked on charges of the first-degree murder of Kailee Jo McMullen, 22, the accused’s daughter, who was found dead with a gunshot wound to the face inside of the 43-year-old father’s residence on June 29 of this year.

Police say that the father told emergency operators during his call that day that his daughter had pointed a gun at her own head and opened fire, blasting herself in the face and ultimately taking her own life in the process.

“[Cops] said that Ronald McMullen called 911 from his Norman home on June 29 to report that his daughter was shot in the face,” the Post details.

Spokespersons for the Norman Police also confirmed that the murderous dad told police and the phone operator that his daughter had committed suicide inside of the home.

“When you listen to the 911 call, the father states that she shot herself,” Sarah Jensen, a representative of the Oklahoma police squad, relayed to CBS News about McMullen’s actions.

When police arrived at the residence, they took notice of the harrowing scene and almost immediately began to realize that certain factors about Kailee’s death seemed highly unusual in light to Mr. McMullen’s story about his daughter’s supposed suicide.

“When authorities responded to the scene, it was determined that [McMullen’s daughter’s] death was suspicious,” the Post goes on to note.

“Police [then] said that Ronald McMullen attempted to wipe blood off of himself as officers had to physically restrain him from doing so several times,” the Post goes on to detail.

Officers were able to eventually settle Mr. McMullen down long enough to pose for evidence photos, but the dad then dropped to the ground, without warning, and began “covering himself in dirt” not too long after the last picture was taken.

dad murder daughter

According to court documents, the dad had somehow found the time while in the dirt to dig “a small hole while covering himself in [the] dirt,” while in front of the officers.

Cops went on to discover McMullen’s sneaky hole-digging move after one of them lifted the dad back to his feet, following his prior stunt of dropping to the dirt-covered pavement.

An early investigation into Kailee’s death at her dad’s home also uncovered that McMullen had both moved his daughter’s lifeless body and the murder weapon to different areas in the residence sometime after he purportedly murdered Kailee and before police officers arrived, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

The late daughter’s dad was taken to Cleveland County Jail on Wednesday to await his first court date in his murder case and was remanded in the jail house without bond. Friends and family members of Kailee have since opened a GoFundMe page to ask for financial support for the young McMullen’s upcoming funeral.

[Featured Image by Cleveland County Jail]