George Clooney, Fearing For Amal And Their Twins’ Safety, Plans To Fly Them Back To LA Amid Possible Threats

George Clooney is reportedly fearing for the safety of his wife Amal and their newborn twins Ella and Alexander, and as a consequence is now planning to fly his family back to Los Angeles not long after taking them to his multi-million property in Sonning-On-Thames, Berkshire.

Clooney, 56, is reportedly concerned that his mansion on the English countryside might not be secure enough to keep Amal and their twins safe, Life & Style reports.

“He doesn’t feel like Amal and the twins are safe living in the English countryside,” explained the insider. “As soon as Amal found out she was pregnant, he hired former Secret Service agents to assess all his properties and make recommendations for improvement.”

George Clooney, who had his life threatened numerous times in the past on account of his humanitarian efforts in Darfur, Sudan, is worried that Amal might be a potential target because of her work as an international human rights lawyer. As such, George has grown increasingly worried for their safety over the years they’ve been together. Understandably, that fear has drastically grown since Amal Clooney gave birth to their twins last month, so much so that the couple has taken rigorous steps to keep their family life private.

“He’s waited so long for this family, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep them safe.” a source said of George.

Sources claim that George Clooney’s mansion in Studio City, California is his safest property, not just because of its tight security but because it’s located near an LAPD station. Clooney has been living in his LA home since 1995, according to Business Insider.

It was only a day ago when George and Amal Clooney’s twins made their first public appearance on a private jet bound for Italy, Today reports.

Amal and George welcomed their twins last month at St. Mary’s Hospital in London, and fans have been yearning to get a glimpse of the newborns ever since. On Thursday, fans were finally able to get that opportunity when the Clooneys boarded their private jet bound for Italy. Unfortunately, it wasn’t much owing to the fact that the infants were inside their white lace bassinets at the time. Considering George Clooney’s recent concerns over his family’s safety, it goes without saying that we’re not going to get a peek of their twins any time soon. And it’s just as well, since their safety is of paramount importance.

What do the Clooney twins look like?

Nick, George’s 83-year-old father, at least gave us a short description of what the Clooney twins look like. Shortly after the birth of his grandchildren from George, Nick spoke to Fox 19 to describe Alexander and Ella. The proud grandpa, who met his grandkids for the first time via Skype, said that both twins have dark hair and resemble their father. He also noted that his wife Nina “swears they have George’s nose.”

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