‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Scotty Not Leaving GH, William deVry Exit Rumors, Valentin’s Life In Danger?

General Hospital spoilers tease major shockers will happen in Port Charles in the upcoming weeks. The biggest news to hit the GH community, so far, is Steve Burton’s return to the ABC soap. Right after this announcement, there were several rumors hinting many stars are going to leave General Hospital. The soap broke Rebecca Budig’s four-year contract. William deVry’s contract negotiations is reportedly at a standstill.

William deVry Moves On?

Following the series of exit rumors in the wake of Steve Burton’s return to General Hospital, insiders reported contract negotiations between William deVry and GH were at an impasse. If GH lets the actor go, deVry will not be the first GH star to get the ax after Burton got hired to play Jason Morgan.

While it’s still possible for the actor to reach an agreement with General Hospital, there are already rumors hinting deVry will still be in the soap opera universe. It seems like other networks are interested in hiring deVry.

Goodbye Scotty?

The July issue of Soap Opera Digest reported General Hospital will say goodbye to a fan favorite. With Kin Shriner’s face on the cover, fans were quick to react thinking Scott Baldwin will leave GH too. Scott has been involved in Ava Jerome (Maura West), and he has been helping her hide the secret involving Morgan’s med swap. Spoilers suggest Ava’s crime would play a vital role in Scotty’s exit.

Scotty has been getting less air time compared to other actors. With all the rumors hinting GH is planning to cut some stars to pay for Burton, Scotty could join the list of actors on the chopping block.


Following Rebecca Budig’s exit in General Hospital, speculations on Shriner’s exit caused quite a stir. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case. In a tweet, Shriner thanked Soap Digest for his cover shot and for “flagging great upcoming General Hospital episodes.” It appears the caption “GH Says Good-Bye To A Fave” is for a tribute episode which will air soon.

Back in April, Peter Hansen, who portrayed Lee Baldwin in General Hospital, passed away. Hansen played the role of Scotty’s father, and the spoilers suggest General Hospital will have a tribute episode to the upright attorney. There were prior spoilers teasing a tribute episode, and the news from Soap Opera Digest confirms the Peter Hansen tribute is going to happen.

There is still no word on what the tribute episode will be although there were rumors old faces will make their way back to Port Charles. Carly Schoeder who played the role of Serena Baldwin might be back to General Hospital for this episode.

Valentin’s Life In Danger


General Hospital spoilers hint Valentin Cassadine will be in danger. Valentin was taken away for questioning and he is supposed to be on trial soon. Just when Nina made the big decision to move on after signing the divorce papers, she received a phone call from Valentin. Nina was worried after the call since Valentin seems to be saying goodbye to her. From Valentin’s statements, it appears he is privy to information on what WSB is planning to do.

GH spoilers tease WSB wants Valentin to disappear because he can stand witness to the agency’s involvement with the Chimera project. If this goes public, WSB will not be in a difficult position. Anna (Finola Hughes) seems to have no care about Valentin’s situation but spoilers for next week hint she is going to confront WSB over their plans for Valentin.

Rumors suggest Anna will do everything she can to protect Valentin from WSB. Since it was her fault Valentin was sent to the Hague, she will do what she can for him. General Hospital spoilers tease Valentin will try to foil WSB’s plans to eliminate him with Anna’s help, but it would be one tough fight.


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