Doting Bride En Route To Altar By Helicopter To Surprise Husband Dies In Horrific Crash Caught On Tape

Rosemere do Nascimento Silva was moments away from walking down the altar after a surprise wedding entrance via helicopter that only a handful of people knew about, including the groom. Sadly, there would be no I dos.

The doomed aircraft crashed in Sao Paulo, Brazil, last December as her unsuspecting future husband and some 300 guests awaited her arrival. Disturbing footage recently emerged of the chopper crash that showed the bride’s final moments and the aftermath after the copter went down, according to Fox News.

The bride-to-be, 32; her brother; the pilot; and a photographer, who was three months away from giving birth, boarded a helicopter mere miles away from the site of the wedding ceremony. Meanwhile, Rosemere’s fiance, Udirley Damasceno, and invited guests waited anxiously for her arrival.

Based on the newly released footage, shared on YouTube by G1 Oficial, the passengers appear at ease as the pilot navigates through what some say is dense fog or clouds. At some point, the captain sounds a distress call and calls for “calm” as the helicopter appears to be experiencing an in-flight emergency.

In an instant, it becomes apparent that the copter has crashed, based on the erratic sequence of frames. Screams are heard for a brief period before the grisly scene becomes quiet. Reportedly, the camera’s lens used to film the short trip was damaged, but the crumpled device continued to record.


Within minutes, other voices are heard from people arriving on the scene to render assistance. As sources point out, eight fire and rescue vehicles arrived on the scene in short order after the helicopter crash. However, first responders could do little to save the souls aboard; all three passengers and the pilot perished in the accident.

Investigators are hard at work trying to reconstruct the final moments of the helicopter’s flight path. Aeronautics Reserve Colonel Luis Lupoli weighed in on the aviation disaster — it’s unclear if he’s part of the investigative body with the crash.

Lupoli points to pilot error as a possible contributing cause of the Brazil helicopter crash. He believes the pilot, Peterson Pinheiro, made a series of mistakes that could have doomed the aircraft, as Daily Mail wrote.

Law enforcement officials have partnered with aeronautics specialists. As part of the probe into the fatal crash, they are looking into the possibility that weather (fog, rain) and low visibility could have caused the helicopter to strike a tree before crashing.


Carlos Eduardo Batista was an organizer of the couple’s nuptials. He said the bride’s plans were to “arrive by helicopter to their wedding without anyone knowing.” Apparently, the groom learned about his fiance’s fate from the pastor officiating the ceremony. He went into shock upon learning of the deadly helicopter crash, just one mile away.

Warning: Video below shows disturbing footage of the crash


[Featured Image by Peter Gudella/Shutterstock]