Did Meghan Markle Cheat On Prince Harry With Her Ex?

Meghan Markle is all over the tabloids since her romance with Prince Harry went public just a few months ago, but rumors have surfaced that the princess-to-be may have cheated on her Prince Charming in the early days of their romance.

According to Meghan Markle’s narrative, she split with ex Cory Vitiello shortly before she met Prince Harry. However, reports state that she may have still been seeing Cory as she met Harry.

An insider stated that Meghan Markle met Prince Harry when he came to Toronto to promote the Invictus Games in May 2016, and during that time, Meghan was still in a relationship with Cory. This is why some speculate that the pair were hush-hush about their romance for so long.

It may be that Meghan was actually seeing both men at the same time, but when she was asked to comment on the situation, the royal-to-be stated that she could not comment.

It is possible that means the Suits star is guilty of seeing two men at the same time, or perhaps she just does not want to divulge more than necessary about her love life.

Meghan Markle had just recently returned from a 10-day trip to London, where she spent time with her boyfriend, Prince Harry.


The Canadian landed back home after what was likely a romantic whirlwind vacation with her love. According to fellow Suits co-stars, Meghan Markle is incredibly happy and “so in love” with the Prince.

Whether or not Meghan Markle cheated on Prince Harry in their early days seems to remain a moot point, as the pair are heading toward a certain engagement. Some speculate that the two may even have already secretly gotten engaged, but they have kept quiet about it to the press for the time being.

Rumors have swirled that the pair is planning a destination wedding, though that may be a bit too much of a break in tradition, even for the modern day Royal Family.

Prince Harry will already be breaking several traditions if he marries Meghan Markle, as he will be the first to marry a non-British woman, who is also an actress.


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