‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Jessica And Cody Smell Mutiny — ‘BB19’ Live Feeds Show Paul’s Power

Big Brother 19 has been off to a strange start as we head into the first official eviction ceremony tonight. The BB19 eviction episode airs tonight, Thursday, July 6 at 9 p.m. Eastern. The eviction vote will lead directly into the next HoH competition with Cody ineligible to play since he was the first HoH.

Judging by the Big Brother live feeds, Cody and Jessica are at risk in Week 2 of BB19 based on their standoffish attitudes. Tonight’s eviction could hinge on flip vote Josh, who continued to waffle into the wee hours of this morning on the live feeds. Jessica and Cody finally sensed that mutiny is afoot and that Paul is wielding increasing power in the house.

Cody and Jessica face eviction blindside on Josh’s flip vote

As of Wednesday night’s Big Brother live feeds, Cody and Jessica were so certain the vote to evict Christmas was a lock that they sequestered themselves from the rest of the house for most of the time. The duo didn’t even bother to come down to greet Christmas after her return from the doctor. It turns out Christmas’ foot is broken, and the powerhouse female will be handicapped with the injury so long as she remains in the BB19 house. Christmas intends to stay as long as she can, but she has resigned herself to making it no further than the Jury House if she can stick around for a while.


As of today, according to Big Brother Network’s Twitter feed, Cody and Jessica finally got a clue and realized the vote is tight and that their allies are not nearly as loyal as the showmance couple assumed. The BB house is turning against Cody moment by moment. The Big Brother Network poll shows the majority of BB19 fans want Jillian evicted this week, but as we know, it’s not up to the fans. As of now, Paul has convinced Josh to vote against Cody and Jessica and to get Jillian out, but Josh continues to waffle, and Paul might need to babysit the guy to keep that vote on lock. Kevin’s vote is also uncertain but may not matter.


Paul poised to run the BB19 house

As Big Brother’s reigning HoH, Cody can’t vote, but his showmance partner, Jessica, is a lock to try and send Christmas out of the BB19 house. Ramses is committed to Cody’s vision and will vote to evict Christmas along with Alex, Cody, and Jason, totaling four votes to evict Christmas. However, Paul is hard at work on both Jason and Alex, trying to flip them so Cody’s numbers may dwindle even more before tonight’s official Big Brother vote. Jillian’s eviction seems inevitable at this point, and it’s what happens next that is much more interesting. Paul is hoping to win HoH, and his allies might just hand it to him.

Paul’s BB19 Diary Room chats show his shock that the houseguests haven’t targeted him. Only Cody has been wise to target the veteran, but no one is siding with him. Combine that with America voting to give Paul the temptation advantage, and he’s got more power in the Big Brother house than he anticipated as a returning vet player. Even the houseguests who are annoyed with Paul’s non-stop yammering and tales of BB18 are sticking with him. The houseguests think he can get them farther in the game, but they don’t get that it means he will also get farther in the game and he was second place in BB18.


Cody and Jessica crumble in the morning light

This morning on the BB19 live feeds, Cody and Jessica woke and turned to dissecting the houseguests who have turned on them. Cody railed about their former allies flipping to keep Christmas and discussed that they cut Dominique loose because she’s “in her own world” and is “not a competitor.” He said Dom called him the “leader of the group” yet turned on him and he carried on for a while about “the mutiny” that they’re now facing.

Cody started quoting 300 saying, “Now we’re surrounded by the Persian Empire. I’m going to make their god-king bleed.”


Cody’s quote left Jessica in the dark until he told her it was from Leonidas. He added that the others could take him out, but he’s going to make them bleed. He went on to say Paul is the “god-king” he referred to because the guy is untouchable for the next three weeks thanks to the advantage he got from America and said Paul is playing in “God mode.”

Cody isn’t taking it well that his plan to backdoor Paul was thwarted by the Pendant of Protection. BB19 viewers can see Jessica has anchored herself to Cody, and if Paul has his way, the guy is going down. Unfortunately, Josh gave Cody a heads-up this morning that he’s a target, although Cody already knew it was in the works. The problem for Josh is that his loose talk has put a target on his back now, too. The scheme was to nominate Jessica and Cody, but Josh might find himself on the chopping block next to Cody for running his mouth. Next week should be interesting on Big Brother since the eviction vote looks to be a fait accompli and everyone has their eye on the HoH and beyond.

Check back for more Big Brother 19 spoilers and tune into the BB19 eviction tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern.

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