Wife’s Corpse Stored In Freezer For 8 Years As Husband Keeps SS Checks, Heirs Left With Woes

The heirs of the man who left his wife’s corpse in the freezer for eight years were not only left with a shocking discovery but also with a mess of debts. Allan Dunn had stored his wife’s body in a freezer after she had died so that he could continue to collect her Social Security benefits.

When Margaret Dunn died in 2002 at home, her husband, Allan Dunn, kept her body on ice for almost a decade to continue collecting her monthly checks. The body of Margaret Dunn wasn’t discovered until Allan Dunn died in 2010, leaving his heirs not only with a dead body but eight years worth of debt for the Social Security checks he collected after her death, which was a debt that was tied to his estate.

The heirs of the Allan Dunn estate agreed to relinquish the proceeds from the sale of the Sun City condo to the government, which was the only asset Dunn had upon his death. The circumstances surrounding the death of Margaret Dunn are unknown, including why no one in the family missed her during that eight-year period following her death.

According to Time Magazine, authorities in Sun City, Florida, report that the Dunn heirs have now paid back some of the money that Allan Dunn owed for continuing to collect his wife’s Social Security check after she had died. Dunn had collected $92,088 from Social Security benefits from the time his wife died until his death, but his heirs claim they had no knowledge of this.


The Dunn’s Sun City condominium was sold, and according to Fox News, “the government received $15,743.14 for Dunn’s illegal collection.” According to local ABC affiliate, the condo was Dunn’s only asset, and once it was sold and his other debts paid off, what was left went to pay back the government for the Social Security benefits illegally collected, which was the $15,743.14.

According to the United States Attorney’s Office, the government was only able to collect a fraction of what the Dunn estate owed Social Security after the sale of Dunn’s condo. The rest of the money realized from the sale of the condo went to pay his back taxes, sales costs, and money that was owed to the condominium association. With the man who owed that money now dead, the rest of the debt to Social Security will be left unpaid, according to Crime Online.


No one knew that Margaret Dunn had died until police found her body when they were at the Dunn home at the time Allan Dunn died, according to Crime Online. Margaret had died at home, according to law enforcement, and Allan concealed his wife’s body in the freezer. The family members who were the heirs to Allan Dunn’s estate claim they had no idea that his wife’s remains were still in the home, stored in the freezer.

[Featured Image by Bradley C Bower/AP Images]