Micah Xavier Johnson Photos: Facebook Pictures Of 25-Year-Old From Mesquite, Texas, In Army Uniform -- Instagram Profile Has #BlackLivesMatter

Micah Xavier Johnson of Mesquite, Texas, has been named as the shooting suspect who died following the tragic deaths of several Dallas police officers. The photos (seen below) of Johnson show Micah decked out in U.S. Army fatigues and in more formal military gear. One of those photos shows Micah pointing what appears to be a weapon or a red light directly at the camera in the haunting picture. Mesquite is a suburb outside of Dallas, with neighbors calling Micah a bit of a recluse since he returned from Afghanistan.

On Instagram, an account named Micah X. Johnson shows Micah professing his love for God, and the Black Lives Matter hashtag is featured in the profile. With more than 10,700 followers, it is not known if the Instagram account belongs to Micah.
"I love God. Fear no one! I'm From Dallas, Texas and I'm a former veteran [100] Put Some Respect On It #BlackLivesMatter"
[Image via Instagram.com/MicahXJohnson]Update: The original profile of the Instagram account has been altered.

Google does not show that the Instagram account claiming to be from Micah was crawled at any point, therefore, it is possible that the Instagram.com/MicahXJohnson account was only set up recently.

Update: Google is now reflecting the fact that the Instagram account has been indexed.

Now, searches for photos of Micah have resulted in images of Johnson appearing in a U.S. Army uniform, as seen on Heavy, from the Facebook account of Micah's sister. CNN reports that Micah served in the Army Reserves.

Police were able to descend on Micah's neighborhood in Mesquite in the early morning hours while the standoff between authorities and Johnson was still taking place. The actions prove the police knew who Micah was while they were trying to negotiate with Johnson, but those talks broke down, and authorities were forced to kill Micah with a remote bomb.

According to CBS Local, Micah is responsible for the tragic shootings that left at least five police officers dead. Photos of Johnson are now appearing on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram now that Micah's name has been released by authorities. The shooting in Dallas by Johnson also left officers and others wounded.

Micah's neighbors were reportedly stunned to learn that Johnson was the Dallas shooter, with some of them calling Johnson a man who kept to himself. Other neighbors were not able to identify photos of Micah from the pictures that police showed them. Authorities came to Micah's home, where Johnson reportedly lived with his mother, in order to find out more information about him and speak to his neighbors in order to glean what they could about Micah's motives and state of mind.

It is surprising to folks that Micah served as a junior officer in the Army Reserves and lived in such a nice neighborhood in Mesquite. Johnson's military training was suspected because of the way Micah moved during the shootings and the tactical maneuvers he employed.

On Twitter, Micah's name has gained more than 12,000 tweets since the shooter's name was released.

Earlier, Dallas officials reported three people in custody, although it is not clear why. Micah is being called a lone wolf not affiliated with any organization. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings initially did not release Micah's name, but later, after the Friday morning press conference, Dallas Police Chief David Brown confirmed that Micah was the dead gunman.

Dallas shootings
Dallas police chief David Brown [Photo by Eric Gay/AP Images]The El Centro College parking garage was the location of the standoff where Johnson faced police before authorities used the remote vehicle to detonate a bomb and kill Micah. Chief Brown expressed the fact that Johnson seemed to know what he was doing while police tried to negotiate with Micah.
"We saw no other option but to use our bomb robot and place a device on its extension for it to detonate where the suspect was. Other options would have exposed our officers to great danger. He seemed lucid during negotiations. He expressed anger for Black Lives Matter. The suspect said he was upset at white people. He said he wanted to kill white people, especially white police officers."
[Image via Micah Johnson/Facebook]