Bus Assault: Fists And Pepper Spray Fly [Surveillance Video]

Grand Rapids, MI — A couple who police said were in a relationship got into a violent fight on a bus that was recorded by surveillance video.

According to various news outlets, the man spit on the woman seated next to him in the rear of the bus. She then unleashed the pepper spray. The man stumbled to the front of the bus but then charged back and punched her in the face before exiting the bus after being sprayed again. The other passengers wisely began heading for the exits themselves once the fight broke out.

MLive reports, “The woman required treatment for facial injuries. A 2-year-old, hit with a small amount of pepper spray in the face, was OK after being treated by rescuers.”

It was very fortunate that the no one else on the bus suffered any serious injuries in the melee. The incident occurred on November 29, but the footage has just surfaced. No word as yet on any charges or arrests.

Do you think that public transportation is getting more dangerous, or perhaps is it just the deployment of security cameras? For example, in October, a bus driver in Cleveland punched a female passenger in the jaw after an argument over the fare. Also in October, a samurai swordsman stopped a mugging on a Phoenix light-rail train, and a pro wrestler subdued a menacing drunk on a Minneapolis train. In November, a Baltimore bus driver and a teenager got into a tussle over loud music.

Watch the brawl on the bus in Grand Rapids, Michigan: