Parents Accused Of Burning And Assaulting 3-Year-Old Child

Justin Osborne, 23, and Amy Clew, 21, of North Carolina are behind bars after being accused of assaulting and burning a 3-year-old child. The married couple both have been charged with one count of felony child abuse and three counts of misdemeanor child abuse.

On Saturday, paramedics were dispatched to a residence on Boger Farm Road, located in Harmony. A 3-year-old child was transported by ambulance from the home to Davis Regional Medical Center. Once there, doctors looked at the child and called the police, WSOC TV reports.

It was determined that the father and stepmother of the toddler assaulted and burned the child. The minor had severe burns on both feet and legs. By the appearance of the burns, they were estimated to be a few days old and seem to be from extremely hot water. There were also other injuries that led authorities and medical personnel to believe the child had been assaulted.

At the hospital, detectives spoke with the child’s father, Justin Osborne. They also paid a visit to the home, where the stepmother, Amy Clew, was with three young children. Justin and Amy were the primary caregivers of the injured child. Authorities determined that the home was in “poor condition” and contacted Iredell County Department of Social Services.

Caseworkers went out to look at the house, but the exact conditions of the residence were not revealed to the public. Afterward, the three remaining children in the home were taken into custody by the state. It is not clear if the 3-year-old was the only one with injuries or if the other children were also abused.

The media did not state what explanations Osborne and Clew had for the child’s injuries and burns.

The child has been transferred to Wake Forest University Baptist Hospital to continue treatment. The gender of the toddler was not released. However, it is known that the child is listed in critical condition and is in the pediatric intensive care unit.


Justin Osborne and Amy Clew were arrested and taken to Iredell County Detention Center. They are both being held on bonds of $1 million each. It is not known if either of the parents have retained or been appointed an attorney yet.

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