‘BB19’ Spoilers: Christmas Abbott Is Back, Paul And Jessica Talk, & A Final Two Deal Shakes Up The Game

BB19 spoilers tease Jessica Graf tries to smooth things over with Paul Abrahamian and convince him to vote Christmas Abbott out on eviction night. Mark Jansen and Jason Dent make a final two deal, and if Jessica finds out about it, there would be a heated confrontation. Other Big Brother spoilers reveal that the house initially thought that Christmas might be pulled from the game after she hurt her foot. Cody Nickson mauls over who he would put up in her place, but thankfully, Christmas returns with a cast and on crunches.

Christmas Is Hurt, But Not Pulled From The Game

Big Brother Network reported that Christmas was at the hospital a good part of the day. Production thought she might have fractured her foot. Cody panics thinking that he may have to nominate another person if Big Brother pulls her out of the game due to her injury.

As it turns out, he worried for nothing because Christmas returned several hours later with a cast and crutches. She explained that she has a possible fracture and a torn ligament. She has to go for an MRI on Wednesday.

Paul And Jessica Have A Chat About Cody

According to Joker Updates, Paul and Jessica have a chat about Cody and Christmas. Paul asked Jessica if she knew that Cody was going to try to backdoor him. She claimed that she knew, but tried to talk him out of it because she doesn’t see Paul as a threat. If anything, she said having Paul around is an advantage at this point in the game.

BB19 spoilers reveal that Jessica then asks Paul if he is going to try to keep Christmas safe this week. Paul discloses that he gave her his word, so he needs to try to keep her safe.

Jessica claimed that she wants Jillian to stay because she isn’t coming after her if she wins the next head of household competition. Paul warned her not to believe everything people tell her in the BB19 house.

Big Brother 19 spoilers indicate that Jessica worries that the majority of the BB19 house will target her next week because of her connection to Cody.

Mark & Jason Make A Final Two Deal

Big Brother 19 spoilers indicate that Mark Jansen and Jason Dent make a final two deal. They decide they will take each other to the end, no matter what and vow to protect each other. Mark revealed that he isn’t voting Christmas out because the numbers aren’t there to get her out.

It has been another action-packed day inside the BB19 house.

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