‘BB19’ Spoilers: Josh Martinez Peeps On Raven Walton In The Shower

Josh Martinez has been a loose cannon in the Big Brother house. Immediately, he was paranoid and decided to unleash his wrath on Megan Lowder, who later self-evicted because of the stress she was under from the constant attacks. Martinez isn’t coping well with being away from his family, and the game seems to be hitting him hard. Right now, he seems to be in a league of his own with no true alliance in the house.

Big Brother 19 viewers have been commenting about Josh Martinez and his behavior since watching him freak out after the first HOH (Head of Household) competition. Many have said he was a bit creepy, and his “mama boy” status has been addressed quite heavily. According to a tweet from Joker’s BB Updates, Josh Martinez is being called out for peeping on the female houseguests. He reportedly checked out Raven while she was in the shower, and now, several of the other girls are not comfortable showering in the Big Brother house. Raven talked to Jessica and Cody about what happened on the live feeds last night. Martinez isn’t making any friends right now, and his latest behavior has upped his creep factor with the live-feed viewers.

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The Big Brother house is full of couples right now, and Josh Martinez is flying solo. At this point, he is going to survive another week only because Cody has his eyes set on getting out a bigger threat. Martinez has been keeping things normal with the other houseguests, though he has definitely overstepped the lines with the peeping incident. It is unclear if Josh seeing himself as a ladies man and the fact that he wasn’t chosen as part of one of the three showmances has affected him. The live-feed viewers are torn about whether it is possible for him to make it to the Big Brother 19 final four, but some believe it is going to happen.

Right now, there are some unhappy viewers out there who want Josh Martinez held accountable for his creepy ways. Peeping on women in the shower isn’t cool, but is it really something that can be addressed? Some are arguing that because they are in an open house, it really isn’t peeping if they are showering in the main bathroom. Martinez would likely be in trouble with Big Brother if he had gone into the HOH room and did that while someone was in that bathroom because it is a private area. Raven and Elena are uncomfortable around Josh now, and Paul did speak about how the incident was “disgusting.”

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After only a few episodes, this group of houseguests has had no issues getting the drama started. Josh Martinez wasn’t who anyone expected him to be, especially when his paranoia set in. As of now, nothing has been said to him about the peeping incident, but viewers are expecting one of the alpha males to step up if Big Brother doesn’t.

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