David And Victoria Beckham Not Divorcing, Former Pro Athlete Defends Kissing Daughter On The Lips

David and Victoria Beckham are not splitting up. Contrary to early reports, the famous couple is still as happy as ever with their kids Brooklyn, Harper, Romeo, and Cruz.

Early this week, Radar Online reported that Victoria Beckham is starting to get "increasingly concerned" about not spending enough time with husband, David Beckham. Because the two are working on several solo projects, spending time apart was inevitable. Insiders claim that Victoria and David's busy schedule is causing a strain on their marriage.

David allegedly wanted to make the most of the opportunities they were given. Although grateful for their careers, Victoria, however, does not want to look back in 10 years and regret not spending enough time together.

"At this point in life, Victoria thought she'd be spending more time with David, not less," the source said.

David and Victoria's rep, however, told Gossip Cop that the story is "all nonsense." The couple is far from splitting up and still as in love as ever. The website also pointed out that Victoria just posted a photo of her and David at Brooklyn's exhibit this week. They were also spotted last week at the Glastonbury Festival.

Meanwhile, David Beckham recently got criticized for kissing her daughter Brooklyn, 5, on the lips. After posting the photo on social media, many immediately commented that it was "weird" and "wrong" for parents to give their kids a peck on the lips.

David told The Sun that he kisses all of his kids on the lips, except for his oldest, Brooklyn. Now that he's turned 18, David admitted that his eldest might find it a little strange. The former pro athlete added that he and Victoria were raised in a similar environment, where both parents were very affectionate with their kids.

"We want to show our kids love and we protect them, look after them, and support them, and we're very affectionate with them," he said.

Last year, Victoria also experienced backlash when she posted a similar photo on Instagram, kissing Harper in the pool as they celebrate her daughter's fifth birthday.

Several of her followers thought that it was "strange" for parents to kiss their kids on the lips. A few even called her "pervy" and "lesbian." Fans of the fashion designer, however, quickly came to her defense and even posted their own photos kissing their daughters to prove that it was nothing but a sweet gesture.

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