Pa. Woman Shot And Killed Over Cigarette

A woman in Pennsylvania was shot and killed over a cigarette this week.

According to the Pocono Record, William Bailey, 28, and his girlfriend, 22-year-old Kayla Peterson, were walking home from the store when three teenagers asked them for cigarettes. The couple refused and the teens started to follow them home.

Bailey said that the teens were screaming profanities at them but he just kept walking.

Bailey said:

“I didn’t acknowledge them. I didn’t look at them. I pretended I didn’t hear them.”

When the couple finally got home Peterson turned to confront the boys and told them to “get a job.”

One of the teenagers, identified as 14-year-old Marcus Velasquez, pulled out a gun and fatally shot Peterson. Velasquez, as well as 14-year-old Todavia Cleckley, are still at large. Kyle Goosby Jr., 13, has been arrested.

Goosby’s attorney Michael Santicola said that the 13-year-old was merely at the “wrong place at the wrong time.” Still, under Pennsylvania law, Goosby is being charged with conspiracy to commit criminal homicide.

Police Chief Charles Jones Jr. said that Velasquez and Cleckley should be considered “armed and dangerous.”

While police continue searching for the two teenagers who shot a woman over a cigarette, Bailey is trying to explain to his 2-year-old daughter where her mother has gone.

Bailey said: “She really was the rock of our family. I don’t know what I’m going to do.”