Abby Lee Miller Shows Up At Another Event With Maddie Ziegler After She Admits They No Longer Speak

Maddie Ziegler probably thought her former dance coach, Abby Lee Miller, would already be in jail by now, but the dancer now has two more weeks to contend with awkward run-ins with the Dance Moms alum.

The Inquisitr reported a couple of weeks ago that Abby Lee Miller attended the premiere of Maddie's new film, The Book of Henry,uninvited and may have paid up to $1,000 in order to be allowed in.

Abby Lee Miller has also posted throwback pictures on Instagram of the days when Maddie Ziegler was her star student and she was best pals with her mother, Melissa Gisoni.

Although Abby Lee Miller was due to start her one year and one day sentence for fraud yesterday, the reality TV star got a final reprieve due to problems with her knee. And unlucky for Maddie, it meant that Abby showed up yet again to another event she was at.

Maddie Ziegler attended Travis Wall and Shaping Sound's After The Curtain at UCLA where she was interviewed by Entertainment Tonight. In her interview, she confirmed that she hasn't spoken to Abby Lee Miller in several months and told the interviewer she didn't have anything to say Abby. Instead, she veered toward topics like her love life and Cheryl Burke on Dance Moms.

Unfortunately for Maddie, Abby Lee Miller was also at the premiere of the show, though neither acknowledged seeing one another. It must have been rather awkward for Maddie to both have her old teacher attend the premiere of her new movie and then show up at the After the Curtain show. Maddie is probably counting down the days until Abby Lee Miller is out of her life for a while and she doesn't have to worry about awkward run-ins.

Maddie recently threw shade at Dance Moms during a game of word association and publicity for her new film, The Book of Henry.When asked what she words she associated with the show, she replied with, "The worst."

She has previously stated that Dance Moms was an incredibly stressful experience and that Abby Lee Miller put a lot of pressure on her and the other girls to win constantly.

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