Abby Lee Miller Shows Up Uninvited To Maddie Ziegler’s ‘Book Of Henry’ Premiere, Is She Stalking The Zieglers?

Abby Lee Miller may have reached a new level of low; the Dance Moms alum was seen at the premiere of her former student, Maddie Ziegler’s new film Book of Henry, and it appears Maddie refused to acknowledge her.

The disgraced Dance Moms alum will be headed to prison at the end of the month, but has been living it up doing paid appearances and going to Disney World. And although she has admitted that none of the original Dance Moms girls, which would include Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler, have contacted her since her sentencing, she is still desperate to get their attention.

It is unclear how Abby Lee Miller scored a ticket to the event, as she obviously was not invited by the Zieglers, whom she is no longer on speaking terms with. It has been rumored that she paid a whopping $1,000 in order to gain access to the event, and to support her former golden child.

While Abby Lee Miller and the Ziegler girls no longer speak, she has been trying to get their attention by posting throwback pictures on her Instagram. Although it has been confirmed that Mackenzie Ziegler has blocked her, she still took the time to wish her a happy birthday just a few days ago.

Abby Lee Miller also posted a photo of Melissa Gisoni, the girls’ mother, and her own late mother in a picture and gave it the hashtag “national best friend’s day,” but also stating that “the truth will come out.”

She also posted a throwback picture on her Instagram on the day of the Tony Awards, reminiscing about the time she took Maddie Ziegler as her plus one to the event several years ago. The Zieglers have yet to respond, and when asked about Abby Lee Miller in a recent Seventeen Magazine interview, Maddie replied, “Just, no.”

Regardless, Abby Lee Miller walked the red carpet of Book of Henry in support of her former prodigy. As she did so, onlookers could be heard jeering the former reality TV star, telling her to “have fun in jail.”

Although Abby Lee Miller is understandably proud of her former student, the film has not been garnering positive reviews. Several reviewers have called it a total mess and that the director tried to mix genres but was ultimately unsuccessful in his attempt to do so.

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