Jennifer Aniston 'Hates' Chelsea Handler? Details About Jen's Marriage Blabbed About By Talk Show Host

Jennifer Aniston has forged many close-knit friendships over the years she has been one of America's sweethearts. The Friends star remains extremely close to her co-stars of the long-running hit comedy and quickly became close with Selena Gomez, as well as talk show host Chelsea Handler in addition to many others in the entertainment industry.

However, recent reports and behaviors by Aniston and Handler suggest that the two are no longer on good terms. Last year, it seemed that Jen and Chelsea were regularly seen together. Aniston has even appeared on Handler's show. Yet lately, the women appear to be keeping their distance.

Fansided relays rumored reasons that the stars are no longer making time for one another. It all reportedly boils down to Chelsea's free-talking ways when it comes to Jen and her marriage to actor and screenwriter Justin Theroux. The publication shares details about what has supposedly driven a wedge in the friendship.

"Aniston believes that Handler had been talking about her behind her back, revealing secrets about her marriage to those who shouldn't know about it."
The source claims that Jen "freaked out" once she learned about Chelsea Handler's blabbing. Since that point, the two have stayed miles apart. It's even reportedly believed that Aniston asked her own publicist, Stephen Huvane, to drop Handler, who he also represented. Seeing as Huvane no longer represents the talk show host, this claim could actually be factual.

Radar relays words of the source, noting "Stephen dumped Chelsea after she had a huge blow-up with Jennifer, who is one of his very top-priority clients. He's no longer representing Chelsea."

The source claims that fans are shocked by the fizzling of the relationship but that Jen knew that information about her marriage was being leaked by someone close to her and therefore wasn't surprised when she determined it was Handler, as Radar Online notes.

If factual, Chelsea Handler should have known better not to propel gossip about her own friend, who she forged a friendship with back in January of 2015. Aniston made it clear last year that she was over the tabloids printing stories about her and her relationships.

In an essay published by the Huffington Post, Aniston was sure to express her frustrations about constant pregnancy rumors and relationship-related rumors being splashed across covers and gossip sites.

Perhaps Handler didn't get around to reading Aniston's poignant words within For The Record

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