Jessie James Decker Did What After A Fan Sent A Nude Photo To Husband Eric?

Jessie James Decker revealed to E! News‘ Carissa Culiner on Thursday what she did when she discovered that a fan had sent her husband Eric a naked picture.

What happens when Eric Decker gets nude photos from fans?

The celebrity couple’s hit reality show, Eric And Jessie, was recently renewed for a third season. Jessie James and her husband Eric Decker sat down with E! News‘ Carissa Culiner to play a “game” she called “Get Real with Jessie and Eric.”

The couple was asked different questions about how they would handle several potential situations, the first of which was, what would Jessie do if she found a nude photo a fan had sent to her husband?

Jessie James Decker answered to Eric’s surprise that it had actually happened before. Apparently, she came across a naked picture a woman sent him and just blocked her from social media without telling her husband.

The mother of two added that the woman who sent the nude image was “married with children” and “had huge boobs.”

“You just didn’t see it. I checked it. I checked it on your Instagram DM and some woman sent you a naked photo and I looked to go look at her page.”


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Jessie, 29, added that she was tempted to send the naked picture to the fan’s husband but “just blocked her” for her husband instead.

Getting real with the reality star couple

Next, Jessie and Eric were asked what they would do if someone was bullying one of their kids.

Good babies

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The country pop singer-songwriter answered quickly that she would “whisper in that little s**ts ears” and let him or her know that if they messed with her kid, she would “cut them,” and then she said she’d “step away” from the bully and say “good talk.”

We’re back!!!!! The third season of Eric & Jessie premieres on E! on September 6th at 10 pm. I know y’all have been wanting this back for awhile and I can finally say we are ready to share more memories with you! Thanks for being patient with us for these past couple of years and being such a loyal fans!!! I know y’all are going to LOVE this season ❤️❤❤

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Carissa Culiner then asked the young mother what she would do if Eric forgot her birthday. Jessie laughed and said that it had actually happened multiple times with important dates, not just her birthday, including Mother’s Day.

Eric Decker laughed and said he did not forget Mother’s Day; he simply used an old Christmas card and wrote over it “Happy Mother’s Day.”

Jessie looked at her husband and said, “he gave me a recycled holiday card.”

Next, Jessie was asked what she would do if Eric gained 50 pounds super quickly. She responded that she was the most likely to gain weight quickly, turning to her husband and asking what he would do if she packed on 50 pounds.

“Hey babe, want to go to the gym?”

Let’s celebrate????

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