June 29, 2017
Green Lantern Hint In 'Justice League' With Geek Box Subscription?

More Green Lantern hints are keeping the internet buzzing for a possible appearance in the Justice League movie. Recently, more speculation was triggered regarding an appearance of Green Lantern in the DC team-up flick when Comic Books Galaxy mentioned that November's Geek Box subscription will have a piece of the Green Lantern within.

That said, November is the release date of the Justice League movie, so would it not make sense to align the Geek Box subscription timing along with the date?

The thing is though, there has been other speculation historically regarding Green Lantern in the DCEU, as well as the Justice League movie. The opening to Wonder Woman shows a line-up of silhouetted heroes and then a quick slide show of some of them up close and personal. Within that ensemble prior to the movie's opening, was Green Lantern. Keep in mind there are different beings of sorts that have taken on the moniker, so who can really tell which one they'll be going with.

What could be considered speculation that's highly reinforced would be Henry Cavill's Instagram posts when it comes to DC Comics characters and other pieces from the franchise. For instance, he posted a textured photo of a black piece of material close to what you would see on the surface of a school yard kickball.

There is no telling this could be yet another follow-up to Superman's speculated black suit, but Cavill's close following of so much imagery on Instagram suggests his fandom as well, according to Nerdist.

Furthermore, while he was on tour at Paris' Art of DC: The Dawn of Superheroes exhibit, he was taking Instagram shots and selfies at the venue. Among them was a back lit poster of what looked to be a Green Lantern comic cover.

Cavill also posted another one outside of what looks like a display window with the caption, "Other Kal looking for Hal."

Don't forget, there's a Green Lantern Corps movie in the works, so this could be a slow build to Hal Jordan (or whomever, as various Lanterns from Sector 2814 have been League members) taking his rightful spot with his comic book teammates. Also, going back to the DC intro at the start of Wonder Woman, the entire ensemble seems to show that Warner Bros. is throwing a slew of characters at fans saying to prepare yourself for a ton of fun as the DCEU flourishes with characters from the pages to the big screen.

Justice League Movie Green Lantern
[Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

Will Green Lantern debut in Justice League, and does this Geek Box subscription's November release reveal that he'll appear in the film?

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