June 30, 2017
Twitter Asking For First Lady Confessions About Her Own Plastic Surgery After Pres Bullying Comments

The Trump shaming of MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski and potential plastic surgery is having an unexpected side effect for the president, and that is a closer look at First Lady Melania Trump and her own experience under the knife. In the internet age, people are searching to find photos of Melania at different stages of her life in order to prove that she has also had quite a bit of her own plastic surgery. POTUS has also reignited the debate about himself and misogyny that started with the release of the Billy Bush tapes about assaulting women.

Simply based on POTUS's tweets, the sexist, anti-female message has been muted, and the message conveyed by the Billy Bush video is not necessarily the one the people are thinking about on a regular basis. It was, in fact, the large number of women who worked for NBC and the Today show that doomed Billy Bush because of the way he stood by why Donald Trump disparaged women that Bush knew. Ultimately, NBC insiders said that Billy's crime was in knowing that the tape was out there, and to what degree it would be hurtful to women, and still not divulging it during his negotiations with the network.

"Billy was bragging about the tape to other NBC staff while in Rio. If he knew about the tape, and remembered the full extent of such an explosive conversation with a presidential candidate and didn't disclose that to NBC News, that is a very, very serious problem."
But just after Donald Trump was shaming Mika Brzezinski about her alleged plastic surgery, many people shot back on Twitter asking about all of the First Lady's plastic surgery, and the work that his other wives and daughters have had done. Some wondered if secretly Donald Trump mocks his wife about her own supposed $10k plus worth of work she has had done.
"Dear Mr. President, when Melania has plastic surgery, do you mock her as well?"
Others looked online to find old photos of the First Lady only to find out how much she had changed over the years.
"Googled & found Melania has had plastic surgery. Ironic that incredibly unattractive men are so critical of women's looks."
While others suggested that it was the height of hypocrisy to be married to Melania and calling out others for having a facelift.
"Being married to Melania and dragging ANYONE for having plastic surgery done is the richest irony in recorded history lmao."
Melania Knauss was born in Sevnica, Slovenia and was said to have always dreamed of being a model. She was described back then as being fresh-faced, but a number of plastic surgeons have looked at photos of the First Lady through the years and surmised exactly what she has had done. Dr. Dev Patel, medical director of Perfect Skin Solutions in Portsmouth, guesses that the work FLOTUS has had would cost approximately $15k in the United States. He also says that most aging models do anything and everything in an attempt to maintain the beauty of their youth. To begin, Dr. Patel says that the First Lady has used paralytics and fillers, which is an ongoing procedure done several times a year.
"I noticed the very obvious signs of likely Botox recently when watching her on a TV interview. She was giving a rather personal account of her background yet her upper face was not moving in harmony with her words. In fact, it was not moving at all. This suggests too heavy doses are being used by her doctor. The effects of Botox look great but only when the result is more natural in appearance."
Another cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jag Chana believes that FLOTUS has also had a nose job, as her nose was narrowed and the tip was more refined.
"Comparing the earlier photo when she is younger and the later life pictures one can see that the nasal shape has changed."
Both doctors believe it is obvious that she used a filler like Juvederm in her lips.
Joanne Wolf dedicated a whole article to the reason the First Lady seems to be squinting all of the time and deduced that it was due to a cosmetic procedure. She wondered whether it was because he contact lenses were uncomfortable, or perhaps that she was trying to see and didn't want to wear readers in public. And while all of these reasons sounded like possibilities, too much of a good thing seemed like the most likely issue.
"But the chief reason for that squint is too much god damn filler!"
She wondered what kind of message all of this facial work is sending the young women of America?
"Make America great through the miracle of plastic surgery'? 'Who needs to see when your husband is a billionaire?"
But perhaps the most outrageous story about a Trump and plastic surgery is not about Melania, Ivana, Ivanka or even Marla Maples, but about Donald Trump himself, and the story Ivana told under oath in their divorce proceedings of his plastic surgery. In Ivana Trump's testimony, she claimed that her then husband flew into a "fit of rage" with pain and displeasure over a scalp reduction surgery that was done to treat his receding hairline. Ivana also confirmed that the same doctor, Dr. Steven Hoefflin, had performed liposuction on Donald Trump's chin and mid-section.


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For the record, President Trump has denied having any plastic surgery procedures and claims that his biographer made the story up out of spite.

"It's obviously false. It's incorrect and done by a guy without much talent … [Hunt] is a guy that is an unattractive guy who is a vindictive and jealous person."
What do you think made the president strike such a low blow at Mika Brzezinski when it is obvious that so many of his family members, including his wife, the First Lady, is a fan of plastic surgery?

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