When Donald Met Melania: Why Sources Say After Ivana And Marla, Submissive Melania Was A Match

The press is full of questions about the ins and outs of the relationship between Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, and what the two have in common. Sources close to both Donald and Melania think that when Donald met Melania, that she was the best fit of the three wives of Donald Trump for him, because she lets him take the lead in nearly everything. Friends are saying that Ivana was demanding, Marla was needy, but Melania leaves Donald alone to do as he wishes.

And Melania’s interests are fashion, Barron, and her appearance, which is why the first place where Melania staked her claim in the White House was a room dedicated to her “glam squad,” says the Inquisitr. The room is being totally transformed for hair, make-up, and wardrobe, with perfect lighting so that her creative team can work uninterrupted. Melania’s long-time make-up artist, Nicole Bryl, had big plans from the time that Donald Trump was elected to create an on-site glam room for Melania to look camera-ready.

But many of those close to Donald and Melania Trump are saying that if more people knew her better, they would understand why the Trump marriage works. Vanity Fair published an in-depth story, starting from the beginning about when Donald met Melania, and why their relationship works when Donald Trump’s marriages to Ivana and Marla failed.

The truth is that Melania is okay with being decorative, and being supportive, as a mirror who shows Donald Trump in his best light. Friends say that Melania is not needy at all for Donald’s attention, and even Melania herself says that is the key to their success.

“I’m not a nagging wife.”


And it seemed fortuitous that a close friend of Donald Trump’s, playboy and model agency owner Paolo Zampolli, was the one who secured Melania’s initial visa to come to the United States to work, and secured her a roommate, a photographer, Matthew Atanian, who explains that Melania was hopeful to make it as a model. But while many today believe that Melania’s stiff demeanor is due to her discomfort in her marriage, Atanian says she has always been this way, and that is why she never had real success as a model.

“She was always kind of a stiff person. That’s why she wasn’t a successful model, because she couldn’t move.”

Luckily, soon after, Zampolli introduced Melania to Donald Trump, and that was the beginning of their courtship. Atanian says that he and her model friends teased her about dating Donald Trump, and about his combover and small hands, but she defended him from the beginning, saying that he was “a real man.”

Friends say that from the early days of their relationship, Donald and Melania never fought, which was not the case with Ivana or Marla. People Magazine said that Donald was looking for a pretty, young woman, who made others see him a youthful and virile, while Melania just wanted a beautiful home to “indulge her hobbies,” which included Pilates and reading fashion magazines.


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Melania reportedly did not want to return to Eastern Europe, and after one trip to visit Melania’s parents, Donald said he was not interested in going back to Slovenia either, and so he moved them to New York, as one trip was enough.

“We landed. I said, Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad. Bye.”

And there were things that many other women wouldn’t tolerate that Melania was willing to do for Donald, happily, and that included going on the Howard Stern show to talk about her sex life with Trump. When Marla Maples was dating Donald Trump (and while he was still married to Ivana), he allegedly pushed her to pose nude in Playboy, negotiating the deal himself.

In 1999, Donald Trump was interviewed by his then-friend Howard Stern, and they included Melania on the show over the phone, after Stern asked to talk to “the broad in your bed.” Before the call, Donald and Stern talked at length about Melania’s breasts. When Melania got on the phone, she spoke about how they had sex more than daily, and revealed that she was nearly nude while talking to Howard Stern.

As time went on, at Trump’s urging, Melania also went on to speak to others in the media on his behest. Trump asked her to go on with Joy Behar and talk about President Obama’s citizenship, and talk about the birther scandal, with what seemed to be with an agenda. Melania started out by giving her statement to Behar.

“Do you want to see President Obama’s birth certificate or not?,” Melania asked Behar. “In one way, it would be very easy if President Obama just show it. It’s not only Donald who wants to see it. It’s American people who voted for him and who didn’t voted for him — they want to see that!”

Melania Trump’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, released a statement after the Vanity Fair article ran to report that Melania Trump is not miserable being married to Donald Trump.

“Mrs. Trump is a loving wife and mother who has always put her family first and that will not change. She is an independent woman who believes in our country, and continues her plans to serve as First Lady with integrity and dedication.”

Grisham says she will continue to refute all reports that there is “trouble in paradise.” She also added that Melania Trump will always be supportive of all of her husband’s endeavors. She claims that the Vanity Fair article was “degrading to women.”

Do you think that Donald Trump and Melania are just perfectly matched, or is there secretly “trouble in paradise?”

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