June 29, 2017
'Meet The Markles': Plans For Reality TV Show To Expose 'Juicy Secrets' Of Meghan's Life Reportedly Underway

Plans are reportedly underway for a Meghan Markle reality TV show. A representative for Channel 4 in the U.K. reportedly told Marie Claire that the proposed reality TV show, Meet the Markles, planned to air later in the year, will focus on exposing "juicy secrets" of Meghan's private life, Kardashian-style. The show will document the Suits star's private life, from early childhood in Los Angeles to her career as an actress and her charity work.

According to Marie Claire, Meet the Markles will also "delve into how Prince Harry and Meghan met, as well as use genealogical research to trace her ancestry."

Meghan's mom is Doria Radlan, a therapist and yoga instructor, while her dad is Thomas Markle, an Emmy-winning lighting director, according to the Sun.

The reality show will also focus on Meghan's relationship with Prince Harry and dig deep to expose juicy personal and family secrets, according to Channel 4 sources. It will include candid interviews with friends and members of the family of the 35-year-old U.S. actress. It will also look at her potential role as a member of the royal family.

"Channel 4 are going to go deeper into her past than anyone before," a source told the Sun. "They want to discover new things about her family. It could be dramatic."

"Meghan is a hot topic right now and everyone is interested in her."
While Elle U.K. believes that it is unlikely that Meghan Markle is behind the show and that she would likely not be pleased to have a reality show trying to expose her private life at this time, other webloids, including the Hollywood Gossip, speculated that she could be the behind-the-scene sponsor of the documentary.

The Hollywood Gossip claimed that the latest news has sparked speculation among Meghan's critics that she entered into a relationship with Prince Harry only to raise her public profile.

Previous claims by the critics of the U.S. actress that she is in the relationship for public attention and fame were countered by her supporters, who pointed out that she has been very discrete about her relationship with the fifth in line to the throne of England.

However, regardless of the allegations, the idea of a reality TV show focused on exposing her secrets and her relationship with Harry appears ill-timed. Meghan would reasonably prefer to not have anyone digging into her past at a time of sustained rumors that Harry could pop the question at any moment.

Besides, the idea of a reality show flouts the royal family's tradition of strict privacy. No one expects that Queen Elizabeth II nurses any aspirations to compete with Keeping Up with the Kardashians matriarch Kris Jenner.

However, Marie Claire suggested that Meghan's relatives and friends trying to take advantage of her fame for personal gain are most likely the ones behind the show. Some sources suggested the show could be at the instance of Meghan's estranged half-sister Samantha Grant, who recently claimed she was writing a "tell-all" about growing up with Meghan.

Samantha had dismissed Meghan's philanthropy as "cheap" and tried to discredit her by saying she is a woman lacking "basic human considerations."

But according to the Hollywood Gossip, Samantha's critics pointed out that despite being half-sisters with Meghan, she hardly knows her because they were not raised together in the same home, being 17 years apart in age. Meghan and Samantha, according to some sources, have reportedly seen each other only about once in two decades.

Meet the Markles, an hour-long show, will be made by the production company Renegade Pictures, a representative for Channel 4 reportedly told Elle U.K.

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