John Kerry Staffer Leaves To Work At Facebook

One of John Kerry’s staffers is jumping ship — but not to switch parties like Charlie Crist.

The John Kerry staffer, who has served the prominent Democrat in a communications capacity, is making a career leap from politics to social networking — leaving the politician’s flak to hook up with Facebook.

Jodi Seth is Senator John F. Kerry’s communications director, but the experienced communications staffer will be bringing her talents to Facebook — not indicating a change of plans for Kerry so much ( is quick to point out) as a convergence of opportunity and timing for Seth. (Or doth the Kerry protest too much?)

Seth has been serving John Kerry for four years in her current capacity, and the local news source explains that she holds a masters from American University. Prior to joining John Kerry’s team, Seth worked on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce and has clearly earned her stripes in Washington.

Which is, according to the site, attractive for Facebook right now as the site moves into DC — Seth will transition to become manager of public policy and communications in Washington for the social network at her new gig. Sarah Feinberg, Facebook’s director of policy communications, commented on the new recruit:

“We are thrilled Jodi Seth will be joining Facebook as manager of our policy and DC communications… Jodi’s deep experience on Capitol Hill, and her communications and public policy expertise, will be huge assets to Facebook as we continue to grow our presence in Washington, DC.”

White House - Washington DC

According to, John Kerry has nothing but high praise for a loyal staffer he calls “the complete package.” The site quotes Kerry as saying:

“Simply put, she gets it, and she sees the big picture. Instead of just chasing headlines, she acts creatively and methodically to leave a lasting imprint that helps really move an issues agenda, and that’s exactly what you want in a senior staffer.”

Kerry himself is currently under consideration for a new gig as well, in the cabinet of President Barack Obama.